Frustrations... The Search For Outsourcers

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    I'm looking for some people to write some of my articles for me. They're a bunch of How To articles and I need like 60 done a day. I've posted to GAF and eLance. Some company on eLance freaking accepted the terms and proposal but then said they spoke to their accountant and he told them to ask for more or some bull SOOOOO Of course I canceled the project with them. Hmph! I've only been looking for a day. LOL. Should I be this anxious? I've got 4 bids on GAF and they're going to send the samples to me tomorrow morning (I suppose). (Rant rant rant...)

    What should I charge per article (only 400 words)? What are good terms? I'm a noob at this. Ugh...

    Mind sharing your experiences in this area?
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    What do you intend to do with those articles?
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    He Intends to post them :D
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    The frustrations of finding cheap BH help. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for...
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    Are you asking how much you charge if you resell them or how much you should pay?

    The amount you pay really is going to come down to quality.

    I pay about 1.1 cents per word for good quality articles. They are informational articles not typically suited for selling a product without tweaking it. Native English speaking writers.

    You can get non-native English writers for cheaper and you can tell the difference.

    If you want well written articles by someone who actually is a decent writer you'll probably pay 2-5 cents a word and the quality usually shows but for most IMers it's too much for our needs unless it's more of a sales oriented article.
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    some notes from personal experience using freelancer services:

    - give direct instructions / don't expect a "consultant"

    direct instructions are needed, like article length, number of keywords, which keywords, etc.

    feel free to dictate tone, intention, direction, etc.

    if you're looking for someone to "design" and "create" get ready to spend more $$. Hiring those type of people is not my specialty.

    - hire multiple providers

    freelancers will desert your project. If I get 20 bids, I'll accept probably 8 and maybe 2 will actually take the project on. One of them will complete it.

    Don't get hung up on someone deserting you, instead have multiple options so you don't get stuck

    - use the samples to check for language ability

    and then hold the provider to that language level. Many companies will pose as individuals, and have a writing team behind them.

    I've had one that provided beautiful samples, then the writing was utter gibberish. When I complained, they completely re-did it, in good English again. Most likely a team with 1 senior and a few junior writers.

    - accept that deadlines will go past the required time

    they just do. Hire more people than you need. Worst case scenario you get "too much content" which is a good problem to have

    - try to pay in a few installments

    this way you don't get the freelancer dropping 100 articles written like crap on your inbox, then demanding payment with no corrections. Changing it to 1/3 installments lets you see the project and correct as it happens. In the longer term you can give the writer a longer leash

    - ability to follow instructions is priority #1

    I put something in the job posting tucked into the bottom, along the lines of:

    "if you're actually reading this, please include the exact sentence "I have read the complete posting" in your reply

    (I used to do this in college with papers, write something like "if you're actually reading this, please write yes in the margin", which had a surprisingly low response rate....)

    This will help you know who's actually reading the post and who's just replying to every offer that's being posted.

    - sound like you know what you want

    if you're a freelancer, the most annoying thing in the world is a buyer who doesn't know what they're looking for.

    cost for a freelancer is time, and time is going back and forth, offering samples and corrections, typing emails and messages to "get it right"

    people will post something like "I need 400 articles on a keyword written" - this tells nothing.

    If you post something like

    "I require the following:
    - 30 x 400 word articles

    Article Guidelines:
    - 4-6 keywords per article (I will provide a list)
    - Not spun
    - I will provide articles to reference
    - Must be written in American English
    - English ability must be A+ top quality
    - 3 other things you want

    - 5 - 10 days preferred, willing to discuss
    - I require (and will pay for) the first 5 articles
    - other things to do with timeline

    - payment on each 10 articles
    - payment through escrow if you prefer

    Other notes:
    - All articles are "family friendly"

    This gives them a better idea of "what you want" and the freelancer knows there will be fewer suprises than working with a buyer that comes off as wishy-washy

    Hope this helps. Happy selling.
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    Pleasure to be the first to thank you for the well detailed guidance :)
    Actually I gave up with Article outsourcing, I found, if I learn myself to write properly (I am not native English speaker) would be much easier (which it can take 10 years) than outsourcing articles writing :D
    To sum up my experience;
    When you are looking to outsource means you have no time and you are willing to save time by finding someone, with GAF and Freelancers, you will end up wasting double time! for you to decide what will suite you!