From Word (docx) to Wordpress (html)


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Nov 26, 2013
Hello guys.

I want to know how to show a post which I have written in Word in docx format to my wordpress blog in html I mean in plain text with tags and all this things.
I have tried to do it with word saving it as html but it creates a lot of unnecessary tags and I want to know if there is something more useful that creates clean code to just copy and paste to the text editor.

If there is no other way recommend me a plugin but I prefer any other thing...

Thank you in advance guy!
that doesn't help much. at least for me.
I'm stuck with the same problem - I paste the text from the .docx into notepad, and from there -- to Wordpress post to get rid of nasty Word html.
I know there must be a smarter way to do it, but how?
copy the docx content to a notepad
then copy from notepad and paste it to your wordpress blog
however formatting will be lost
Hey, guys, help, there must be some rational shortcut. I'm sure nobody of pro WP bloggers does it in such an ugly way.
with wordpress you have the option of visual versus text when you add your post. on mine i drop html into the text tab to keep all of my manual formatting but you are able to just drop word formatted into the visual tab and it should preserve your formatting. is that not happening? I just tried to drop a bullet list into the visual tab from word 2013 and it just kept all the formatting so maybe you just have it on the text tab.
I'm not sure where your problem is... Can you give and example of some Tags you are looking to eliminate? If there aren't any Word specific features you need then would you consider using a different HTML Editor?

If you don't want any Word formatting/Html you can copy the Word text directly into the Text(HTML) Editor in WP.

If there are only certain Tags you want to exclude you will have to Paste the HTML to Text(HTML) and manually edit it.
Dude auto-generated HTML is basically shit. Don't bother looking, as there's nothing. There's no compliment to making a semantically great web-page manually. It's not too tough to learn. Infact, I would say that it is much more easier to do it in html5 than the previous html version if you give it a thought. Learn it without wasting your time. It would need a week at max.

Edit: if you mean to just insert html tags within your posts manually then write everything in notepad++ and do some code modification to your theme ( if using wordpress) to support that. You need something lime this:

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So I can conclude that I can't do that, then the best option is to learn formatting html tags to use <h1> and all this things and then copy my word on a notepad, add the tags on the notepad and then create the content on wordpress in the text bar, am I right?

Anyway thank you all for your comments and your help, this community is awesome!
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