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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for an expert to install and configure a postfix/ Interspire based outbound email system on a cloud server. The system needs to
    • split email lists into chunks to be sent using multiple IP addresses
    • measure email delivery rates per campaign/ split segment
    • handle unsubscribe requests automatically
    • collect responses (aside from unsubscribe requests)
    • prepare and use email templates
    • conduct and provide reports on template-wise and subject line-wise split tests
    • accept and send text and html email templates
    • report spam score on templates

    In addition to installation and configuration, the following components need to be taken care of by the expert
    • identify and procure server(s) and IP address blocks
    • provide step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the set up
    • prepare and share warm-up schedules
    • monitor system performance and check up once/week over a Skype call with me for 1 month post installation/ configuration

    The objective is to deploy a stable outbound email engine that is able to handle 75,000 to 100,000 emails/day in stable state.

    Interested expert please get in touch on this post, or by email at donk3y (use the Mailimate email service) to schedule a preliminary skype call. After the call I will share an Elance/ Freelancer project link - the final project will need to be delivered over one of those platforms as per their T&Cs.

    Budget: Negotiable
    • Installation/ configuration: Within 72 hours of awarding the contract on Elance/ Freelancer
    • Post Installation/ Configuration support: 5 touch points within 30 calendar days of awarding the contract.

    Very best,