Free Xrumer Blast for first 10 repliers

Hi i seen you was giveing away free blasts i was wondering if you could do a blast for for at a discount price i only have 7.50 in my paypal would you consider giveing me a blast Thank You
If there's any possibility I can get in on this I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm new starting out with this and want to get my first site going good
If there is any lot left add me! Never saw how could this affect my site :)
@ Benditer I am still looking for someone to outsource my xrumer work to. I have 2 servers from "Share Pro" with xrumer that can run all day so if you need extra servers i have several test sites that have no links sent to them and i would love to see what you could do with them while xrumer still works. I am looking to pay of course...
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