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Free veterans career transition program (vctp)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by thatotherguy, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Transitioning from the military to careers in civilian business/industry, government and other careers often presents two challenges:

    • How to translate education, experience, skills and training from a military to civilian environment to be a competitive candidate for recruitment and hiring?

    • How to develop the soft skills necessary to succeed in a civilian corporate or government environment, particularly in business sectors not closely connected to the military?
    The Veterans Career Transition Program, operated by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, is delivered at no cost to post-9/11 veterans, their spouses, and spouses of active duty military. Paid for in entirety by a grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co, VCTP offers solutions to the above challenges, as well as connections to specific education and training programs, business/industry coalitions focused on veteran employment and information about national and state-level opportunities and benefits for veterans and their families. The Professional Skills Track and the Tech Track are offered through an advisor-led group admitted quarterly, and the Independent Study Track is available for start at any time. Each track is described below.
    Through online courses—accessible from any location, at any time-participants have the opportunity to gain an understanding and insight into the corporate culture of civilian business/industry, government and other civilian sector


    Veterans: You must be a post-9/11 veteran who has already separated or retired from the military, OR who will transition from military service to the civilian workforce in the next 18 months. Service members must have served at least one day on active duty after 9/11/01. This includes Guard and Reserve members who have civilian sector employment, or will be transitioning into the civilian sector within 18 months.
    Spouses: Spouses of eligible veterans, as well as spouses of all active duty service members military are eligible to apply to the program.
    You may be employed and seeking career advancement or change, underemployed (working in a field other than your qualifications would prepare you for, or working for lower salary or fewer hours than you would like) or unemployed. VCTP requires an application (which reviews your preparedness and likelihood of success in the program) as well as your career goals and fit with the program's offerings.


    The program is offered at no-cost to eligible veterans, service members and spouses. Costs are currently underwritten by JPMC as part of their extensive collaboration with Syracuse University and as founding partner of the IVMF. Certification exam preparation and exams may be paid for by the program based on progress in the courses, and in the case of exams, results on preparation exams.

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    Free online courses and paid certifications
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