1. mrsmilyy

    what is the software or website or AI used in this courses ?

    Hy, what is the software or website or AI used in this courses ? do i need surface pro ? and what is used to paint and write and stuff like this ? it's seems very easy thanks in advance
  2. AussieDollar

    Question about file uploads to UploadGig / Nitroflare - DMCA

    I noticed sites like uploadgig and nitroflare have affiliate programs that pay for users to download their files which you can upload. I've understood that you shouldn't sell softwares/courses/Ebooks/Plugins on your website directly for lawsuit and DMCA reasons. So how much different is it if...
  3. Purush

    32 Best hardvard university courses Free for limited time.

    32 of the best Harvard University courses you can take for free Find free courses on Python programming, AI, JavaScript, and more without spending anything.
  4. Y

    [DISCUSSION] Where do people that run "Cheap Courses Websites" get their courses from?

    Hello BHW, I'm fairly new to here so excuse me if I trigger some of you in advance. I'm thinking of starting a website for hosting courses and my question is where do people that run the "Cheap Courses Websites" get their courses from? For example: - -
  5. designer style

    YouTube will soon allow course sales, wondering if this will be the end of Udemy?

    what do you think guys? here's the source:,it's%20the%20selling%20platform%20itself.
  6. Tristin_Davies

    Can I sell peoples courses for much cheaper? (Access to 100+ courses)

    So I have access to a whole lot of courses by various people on various topics. I was wondering if I would be able to them for a cheaper price? What are your thoughts?
  7. Caramelman7

    Can't find udemy course torrent

    Hey guys anyone of you have this course to download ? I've been looking everywhere, I can't find the course ://
  8. Caramelman7

    Resources which will help you to lean Python (FREE )

    These resources are for everyone,if you are a beginner , pro or whatever your level is these are for all levels so don't worry. I'm trying to learn python and i made a thread about how to start leaning python and resources and most of you guys said Udemy and Youtube are 2 good options and some...
  9. Caramelman7

    Which python course is the best ?

    There are 3 python courses I found in my country and the first one is this one : The course content ^ Course duration : 3 ½ Months | 14 Weeks Course fee : 112 USD The second course I found is the below one Course content ^ Course duration : 48 Hours Course fee : 83.35 USD The third couse I...
  10. Drramu

    [Question]Any way to monetize 2000 courses?

    Hi there! I have almost more than 2000 paid courses in mega & google drive. And I wanna make some money out of them. All good ideas are welcome :) !
  11. sanators

    Have some cash to invest, but unsure about services

    Hi, So I have been reading threads about people selling their courses or their packages for business, as full website...or dropshipping, print on demand, reselling stuff and so on.. I had myself in the past a few (unsuccessful) dropshipping and print on demand websites and I had to drop them...
  12. theidleman

    Best online resource to learn SEO???

    HI again. As the title says, im looking for the best online place to learn SEO, google SEO. I am also interested in social media but I want to get a solid foundation with google and how SEO works first. I am currently studying on coursera but it does not convince me that much, neither does...
  13. V

    From nothing to 5k€ a month with real estate.

    Hello everyone, Today (I hope) will be a big day for me, after 2 years of doing nothing I finally decided to get back to work. I'm a 30 year old developper, I started my company in 2009 when I was 19yo as a web developer and for 10 years I worked on web & mobile development. In 2020 I got...
  14. hkhkhkhkhk123


    Hi Beautiful People, Good Day. I see a lot of "wso" around, but what is it really? It seems there are a lot of websites whose domain includes "WSO" that are all selling courses. Are they legit? Which one of them do you suggest? I am looking to buy some blogging / SEO / content writing courses...
  15. Cro7

    [Q] What is The Best Course You Have Taken?

    I watched lots of courses, can't even remember all of them. In the end, YouTube was most useful for me, when we are talking about video materials. I am wondering what is the best course you watched? Are they worth the money you paid? (or should have paid if you didn't use pirated ones)
  16. placiddark

    Free Time-Limited Udemy Courses

    Most of these valid for today only so get them while they last. Photoshop for Beginners: Photoshop the easy way! Linux for beginners: Learn Linux from Scratch! Become Pro Frontend Web Developer – CSS – Basics to Advanced AWS Services for Solutions Architect Associates Logo Design – Design a...
  17. TooCorny

    Post your Tips & Tricks on Youtube Ads + Any good Youtube Ads Course?

    So Youtube Ads is a really promising platform to advertise products and services in. Seems like there is not enough info out there like there is for FB Ads and Google Ads. CPMs in Youtube Ads are dirt cheap so... So if anybody has good experience using them, could you post a mistake you´ve...
  18. Nw_Work

    Advice on selling digital products

    Hi guys I plan to sell digital products such as courses and also live training sessions. So I want to know how to not get the paypal account banned and not get scammed since I have seen and heard of the countless times people have got scammed using paypal due to buyers using claim's/dispute...
  19. cosmo89

    [GET] Premium Udemy Courses

    Learn about Time Management, Facebook Mastery 2020, How to sell course online, and Building apps in Ethereum. Coupon codes already applied. Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04...
  20. Roger Marquez

    [FREE] Udemy Courses - Limited Time

    As the title says, these coupons are only available for a limited time so take your pick and get in! Learn SQL for Beginners: The Comprehensive Hands-on Bootcamp Learn Modern Javascript by Coding a Snake Game Ionic and React: Building a Mobile Application UI AWS Certified Solutions Architect -...
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