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    Hey guys,

    I've noticed a lot of people obviously having a hard
    time to either get their first sale with Clickbank and
    some of them struggling to increase their monthly revenue.

    I don't personally have the time to privately coach people
    so I thought I'd bring this to the BHW as well.

    P.S (Originally posted on DP)

    There's basically two ways to advertise/sell an affiliate
    product, if you're on a tight budget then I'm sure
    you wouldn't start buying your traffic so lets have a
    look at how you can start generating great amounts
    of traffic and sales without spending a dime.

    (I hear this a lot -- FREE traffic, it's not actually
    free whilst you still have to spend your time which
    is money) but you can start off generating a nice
    monthly income with $0.

    Here's some strategies that I've personally used
    and got amazing results over the past two years
    or so. Again, consistency is the key, you should
    never give up on one strategy right away ..

    There are 100,000 affiliates in Clickbank alone so imagine
    how much competition there is in pretty much all niches,
    Giving up will only give satisfaction to the other affiliates that
    are continuously growing their business ...

    If you haven't read my tips on article marketing
    please see --

    1) Youtube Videos (Driving avalanches of traffic
    from youtube is not a secret anymore, but still
    I don't see many people implementing this tactic)

    People love videos and sometimes video marketing
    is more effective than article marketing. (This is
    probably one technique that's generating most of
    my sales as an affiliate).

    If you can manage to upload 10 videos daily
    related to your niche you'll be able to start
    seeing some nice profits in less than 30 days.

    You have roughly 300 videos at the end of each month
    all lined up and sending traffic your way for months and
    years to come.

    You can make you own videos (recommended).
    They can be sideshows, reviews or anything that
    is related the product that you're promoting.

    Use the description area of the video to link the
    video to your landing page and watermark your
    video from start to finish. (choose a domain name
    that's easy to remember)

    TIP! There a lot more video sites other that Youtube
    that you can take advantage of. See
    for one of the greatest online video distribution service.

    2) Classified Ads. These sites are mostly free to
    use and they can drive a nice amount of targeted
    traffic to your landing pages. (You can either publish
    you own ads or articles)

    Here's 4 classified sites that are worth your time:

    3) Answer Sites (Everyone has heard about
    Yahoo Answers and yes they've been getting
    very strict lately due to the large number of

    Use this service wisely and add some value
    to your answers. You will not get banned
    if you're going to provide quality/valuable
    answers, and always link your web site in
    the resource section, not in the body of
    the answer.

    You'll need to build your profile first (must be
    level 2 to be able to post live URL's) so slowly
    build your profile to level 2 by answering/adding
    some value to the community. You answers
    should be 3/4 sentences long, always check
    your spelling and grammar.

    A poor/low quality answer will never get too
    much attention. If you're not able to do it
    yourself properly, you'll be better off hiring someone
    else or not doing it at all because you will risk getting
    banned and completely wasting your time.

    Here's a complete list of answer sites:

    4) SEO. There's been a lot of debates on the
    forums on Search Engine Optimization, however
    in reality it's a no-brainer.

    Search engine optimization is probably the best
    way to get targeted traffic to your web site but
    how can you get your web site to rank for a few
    popular keywords in your niche?

    Once you manage to rank a certain web site for
    a popular terms you shouldn't stop building link
    right away, SEO is an on-going process that
    takes time. It's recommended to build your links
    slowly, especially if your domain is fairly new.
    You want to avoid getting penalized by the search
    engines, therefore take your time to build
    quality/high PR/ relevant links.

    100 links from relevant web sites will be worth a lot
    more than 1000 links from unrelated forums for example.

    (you can find these on google/ exchange links with
    other webmasters that have sites related to yours etc)

    Hope you guys enjoy and get the ball rolling soon'

    P.S Feel free to list any of your techniques, what has worked
    for you in the past.

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    I think the Youtube method is great but the CTR to landing pages is rather shite and you need a lot of views to your videos to make it worth while.

    I would love to see some working examples of videos that promote clickbank products, so i can draw inspiration and ideas for making my own videos.
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    Man u clear my concepts

    Now click bank is mine soon lolz

    thanks again
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    Brisbane mate!
    Thanks for the advice, ive only been using adwords for promotion and making a nice little profit. Will be interesting to see how much more sales i can generate with these methods
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    I've sold numerous products on CB as a merchant and I always wondered why people stopped there. Yes they have a huge affiliate base, but i'd suggest listing in multiple marketplaces....

    CB,PayDotCom,,Plimus,Tradebit etc....
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    What everyone needs to remember here is that if the product converts at 1%-2% that is considered good. So if you get 100 hops to your link expect 1-2 sales. Its the nature of the CB game.