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Free Next Gen Website Phone Call Lead Capture Software!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by xjokkers, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. xjokkers

    xjokkers Junior Member

    Aug 2, 2015
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    Wanting to give back to the forum, we have made a special BHW offer for members only.

    We are looking for Beta testers to try out our next generation lead capture software that turns abandoning website visitors into direct incoming calls, within seconds. Talk directly with your website visitor while they are still live on your site, before they talk to the competition. This is not a chat system, it is the first of it's kind behavioral learning algorithm software that does this.

    The software uses different methods, and "call to actions" to increase your call volume, including from mobile traffic. People spend huge amounts of money, and time to bring traffic to their websites, losing a massive amount of visitors that leave without engaging, we go after calls for people that do direct sales, not chasing down email leads. This turns any website into a phone call capturing magnet!

    This is perfect for anybody that wants phone calls. Our main clients currently are Lawyers, Real Estate, and local home repair niches. This would be great for pay per call niche related affiliates as well.

    You will have a full 30 days to evaluate the software with unlimited restrictions, for up to 30 websites per account. After the evaluation we would like feedback about your likes and dislikes about the services and software. No catches, no financial information needed. All that is required is a USA phone number, a website, and email address for login and notifications.

    • Basic Call Tracking
    • Email Notifications
    • SMS Notifications
    • Call Recording
    • App Customization For Text, Logo, And Images
    • App & Website Analytics
    • Can Integrate With Google Analytics
    • Can Integrate With Google Adwords To Calculate Conversions
    • More...

    Currently only USA phone numbers can be used throughout.

    Those who are interested please DM me.


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