[FREE] Instagram real followers without bots


Apr 22, 2014
Well I use Instagram everyday, mainly for a way to spread my music. I'll give you 3 tips that I use to get at least 1k followers every few days. Depending how much time you spend. And if your like me, you don't like following a bunch of people.
I have 12.6k followers, haven't bought any. At- jlddarapper
So let's get on with it.

1. Follow each day. If it's Monday search tags #mcm
tues- #tbt or #tt
wed- #wcw
thrus- #tbt
Friday- #ff or #freakyfriday
saturday- #clubbing
sunday- #selfiesunday or #church

Each day go down the list and like photos, comment on a few etc.
or everyday just type in #selfie & like it that way.

2. Once your following a good amount, watch your friends photos, & like there friends photo that likes theres. Or find a person with a bot and go through there follow list and like one pic of each follower I'd say about 10-20 profiles. You can buy a 1k followers to have a foundation started.

3. If you goto a celeb profile like
goto his recent photo, click on the likes, go through the profiles and like there photos
and then refresh the pic, so your constantly getting most recent.
or another good one
is at-gullp cause he got 176k with a bot and being active.

Well hopefully that helps, got a lot more tips I'll post later on!
This is what is Called Totally being WhiteHAT .. I think if you really want to get the REAL Followers probably this is the only way ..
mcm means mens crush monday. its when people post pictures of a male person (mostly a celeb) that they are crushing on
Seems like a good idea, although I prefer more targeted hashtags than these.
This can be done manually, but it would take much time.
Good share OP
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