FREE Hosting for testing Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, PhpBB (with Autoinstaller)

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    May 4, 2012
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    Well, i find and i m using, this free hosting server to do my testings... I ve search a lot, but most of the sites that i found, was just useless..

    Ι highly recommend freewebhostingarea (google it, i cant post url)

    It give you the option to use a free subdomain, or your own domain,
    it have autoinstaller for the most famous platforms of the web,
    and its absolutly FREE !

    I recomment this for test only ofcourse, for everyone who can affort a premium plan !

    Very recently i found here BHW hostwinds , its a very useful and cheap web hosting company, with 5,50 per month you can have everything, ultimate sites and space. So if you want to make your first step, i believe this is a cheap solution. after your test, its time to make your move !

    P.S. Some of the plugins of wordpress (example: feedwordpress) didnt work on many free hosting servers or have low memory limit, but in this site everything works perfect !
    P.S.2 Its not an affiliate link, or ad, i just make a suggestion to the forum members, for those who cant affort a premium plan, to test plugins, templates, scripts a.o. :)

    Greetings from beautiful Greece.
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    I'm not sure if this was a failed attempt at being helpful or what. Most hosts have a one click install of the scripts you mentioned. Not sure why you'd go to that site to "test" when you can just do it on your own host with your own subdomain or regular domain. Now you're saying, "well what about the people that don't have hosting?!" To that I say, "If you want to successful online, you have to have hosting at one point or another. If you can't afford the $4/month to pay for hosting, PM me as I'd be more than happy to cover for you."