Free EVO and Scrapebox runs deal


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Dec 29, 2009

Here's the deal - I'll do BruteForceSEO EVO and Scrapebox runs for you, in return for some good reviews on Google Places.

I have a number of Google Places listings that I need to get some reviews for. To make this as natural as possible, I need these to come from a wide range of Google accounts, IP adresses, etc.

Here's how the deal works. If you PM me, I'll send you links to ten listings that need reviews, plus a code word to use in each review, so that I know who created them.

It will only take about 30 seconds to do each review - but you will need multiple Google accounts and a good proxy solution so that your reviews don't get "ghosted." So doing ten reviews should take about five minutes all up.

Once the ten reviews are live, just let me know, and send me the URL and keywords for the web site you wish to promote. My team will then:

1. Do a full EVO run on your site - typically creating up to 150 profile links, plus a whole bunch of RSS feeds, article directory links, etc.

2. Do a Scrapebox run on the new profile links, to get them indexed in Google, and to build links to them and generate authority.

It's an easy way to get some great free links for your website, in return for a few minutes for your time.

That's it!

I am up for i t... Send me the links... And If you can I need some tips and help in the google maps listings also... If you can help ill really glad....
how do you like Brute Force? Do you prefer it over SENuke? I'm considering buying one, but sometimes I think it would be cheaper to just outsource it though.
Great, thanks.

VirtualCO8, I have replied to your PM. Regarding your questions, please post them here and I will do my best to help.

BruteForceSEO EVO is an awesome SEO tool, but not cheap at $157 a month. But combine it with Scrapebox and you can make Google squirm.

We do use SENuke as well, but the great thing about EVO is that it so easy - you spend five minutes setting up a run, then all the rest happens on autopilot while you go down the pub. And yes, it gets results.

Sahil3X1 can you PM me?

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