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    I found this (shitcoin??) and thought I might share it with you guys. It's called Universal coin and according to its whitepaper Universal Coin is: "A cryptocurrency distribution experiment whose aim is to create wealth by placing a focus on fairness and inclusiveness."
    The same whitepaper (which is just six pages) states that UniversalCoin will be distributed to the public weekly, from Monday January 15 2018 until Monday October 15 2018. There will be a
    total of 40 weekly distributions, and any individual can participate in all 40. The amount
    distributed will be 247 million in the first week, and will increase by that same amount every
    week until the final distribution on October 15 2018 which will be over 1.5 billion UniversalCoin
    that week. The total supply of UniversalCoin is capped at 40 Billion. 80% of the total supply will
    be distributed across these 40 weeks.
    website is universalcoin dot io. What do you guys think?