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Sep 17, 2010
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To keep things short and sweet, Iam recruiting few writers and thought of trying them before i take them in. So if you need articles let me know, you will get them for free.But you should rate the quality and give a honest feedback.

1. Only 1 article per 1 person.
2. Would prefer and above over noobs.
3. Will provide only 10 articles, so the early bird will get the worm.
Could I get one ? Thanks.

I might not be a jr VIP but I've been around a while and post a lot :)
Would be interested in too. PM me if I'm ranked enough on BHW
I am interested as well. If it is possible of course... Cheers
I'd like one if the offer is still open thanks. Are you going to be running an article writing service? If so then please PM me the details of your pricing etc.
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