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Jul 28, 2020
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It's been a couple of days i have been in this community.

you can claim your code as we from the link mentioned below. Let me know if you face any problems

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Interested. Please tell me if we can use it for old account
This is the whole email content


Google Ads
Oops. Something went wrong.
We're sorry we couldn't send you a coupon code. There are two possible reasons:
You may be ineligible because you've previously used this email address for this promotion.
You may have visited a website that doesn't match your country's IP address.
The Google Ads Team​
What OP fails to mention though is that this promo is a future credit so unless you run on a legit Google Ads account you cannot use it unless you wait for a month or two to qualify for this promotion after having added your payment method in the account
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