Free $10 in BAT on Coinbase


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Hello all!

I'm not affiliated with Coinbase or Brave browser in any way, but I just did a few quiz and downloaded Brave browser and got $10 in BAT for free.

EDIT: You have to have a Coinbase account already, otherwise, you're put on a waitlist.

If you have a Coinbase account, check your email.

Hope this helps someone.
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Caused a really good spike in the price of BAT to about 37% increase, but just as fast was the sell off. Gains are almost wiped out already.

It's more interesting that Coinbase is promoting a project. Seems rare for them, unlike Binance which does a ton of promotion for coin projects with contests and air drops.
Dissappointed that I wasn't awake 3 hours ago to sell during the high.

I could only assume that Brave made some sort of deal with Coinbase. Since Brave's getting downloads, then Coinbase could probably rake in money from affiliate leads.
Don't bother if you haven't made an account at coinbase yet.I just created one and they put you on a waitlist for future rewards.If you had an account before I guess check your emails.
Don't know if I can post a link here or not.

Here is a list of all the verified publishers for Brave/BAT project. Coinbase is not listed.

batgrowth . com/publishers

In my opinion, BAT/Brave is one of the coolest coins in the crypto space. Still got a lot of work to do on Brave though. Lots of little things not quite working smooth.
@LouiseCypher I corrected my post.

I love how xhamster is the first website that i see when going onto BATgrowth. lol

Honestly, BAT makes the most sense to me out of most of the coin projects out there.

Aside from the BAT project itself, I feel like the browser could use some work too. However, I see a lot of potential. Brave has some unique ideas and I honestly hope to see it succeed.
Xhamster caught my eye too. Haha.

I think the project will really turn a corner this year when they full introduce the ad thing. Right now it's in Beta.
I also have a coinbase account but didn't got any email. Going to login to coinbase and see if I can get some free.
It's Coinbase, so yes KYC would be required to sign up. All US-based exchanges have to use KYC because of Patriot Act after 9/11.
I did not get the email as well.. dam.. was their a sign up link someplace for this?
I also did not get the email.

Upswing lasted about 1.5hrs
Sell off lasted about 2.5hrs

First and third red candles after pump have long wicks on top. People were FOMO-ing into it, which helps create those long wicks above the candle by pushing up the price, but the selloffs were stronger for that time interval so the price closed down (red candle).

Long wick on top of candle body usually an indication more price drop to come, as the bulls run out of steam (ie. no more people remaining to FOMO).

BAT-BTC 30m bars


It's happening today as well, with another coin

AST-BTC 30m bars

Upswing lasted about 1h
Sell off lasted about 2h (in progress)

Similarly. Top of pump is a green candle with a long wick on top. Bulls pushed price way up, but sell offs began to overpower and by the end of the time period, the closing price was way down from the top of wick. Good indication pump has reached it's max as bulls are running out of steam.

Next candle (first red after pump) is further confirmation of pump ending, with long wick on bottom. Sell off was strong, while those FOMO-ing into it were pushing the price back up a bit as indicated by top wick. These are the ones who truly get rekt. But by end of time period, price closed below opening so candle is red, indicating sell off is incoming.

The anatomy of a pump.



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Just received the email from Coinbase regarding the BAT stuff. Better late than never I guess. Lol
@CryptoKujira If you don't mind me asking. Did you HODL or sell? I managed to make an extra $1 from mine (excluding Binance fees)
@CryptoKujira If you don't mind me asking. Did you HODL or sell? I managed to make an extra $1 from mine (excluding Binance fees)

I've rarely received an air drop or free tokens from any project that amounted to anything more than a $1. The lone exception is DeepOnion airdrop that feels like ages ago now. I haven't decided what to do with them. I'll probably use them for tips of hold.

It's awesome what BAT is trying to do. Once they get integration with games and chat apps, I believe it will really change the game. Very interested to see how Microsoft, Apple, and Google respond.
I made an account a while ago, still haven't recieved an email tho. are any other exchanges offering free BAT?
nothing updated from coinbase, how did you guys know about these offer, or how to clain the bat
Can I post a link here for this? Admin, please remove if not.

www (.) coinbase (.) com/earn/basic-attention-token?utm_medium=blog&utm_source=medium&utm_campaign=bat_launch

I received an email from Coinbase with the link to the page above.

Sign into your coinbase account. Watch each video. After each one, you'll be asked a single question about Brave / BAT. Answer it correctly and you get a $1 worth of BAT. Not sure what happens if you get it wrong. Maybe the internet breaks.
I had my email notifications on.
Originally, I found out because of a Telegram group that I follow, then I checked my email and it's titled:
BLAH, you're invited to earn Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Then you watch 3 videos (earn $1 ea.) and download the browser ($7) if you already have the browser, you just paste a link that they give you into the browser.
If you already have a Coinbase account; contact them and see if they can do anything for you.
It's only Coinbase doing this promotion; which as Cryptokujira said; is rare.

@CryptoKujira Google ICO incomming...
I hope they react positively and implement their own system identical to Brave; we need some change on the internet.
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