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Forum Suggestions & Feedback

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by elavmunretea, Jun 25, 2017.

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  1. elavmunretea

    elavmunretea Elite Member

    May 14, 2016
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    As the title suggests, these are my Forum Suggestions & Feedback.

    I doubt any of these will be addressed/ implemented in the near future, but there's no harm in trying.

    My last thread wasn't even addressed by an in-house mod and I still feel all of those points (Asides from the closing BST's when a SL is posted - that BTB cleared up for me) are valid and should be considered.

    Filter posts by OP:

    I've read a lot of journey and method threads in the past and one thing that's always annoyed me is having to scroll past hundreds of posts just to find an update or answer to a question.

    For example, 7878's thread has two "updates" (Here & Here) however, the links on the OP are broken (As far as I can tell each update had its own thread and they were all merged together) so instead of being able to press one small button, I had to scroll through 20+ pages to find what I needed.

    Having a way to be able to only see posts by the OP would save so much time and energy, and is easily the suggestion that I would most like to see happen on this list.

    This plugin does something similar, highlighting the OP of the thread so you can quickly identify their posts while scrolling. Here is another addon that would help.

    Report area:

    I'm a very pessimistic person, and I've reported many, many users in the past, however it's really difficult to track which reports have actually resulted in a ban/ warning/ post removal.

    Having an area where I can see the posts I have reported (With a link to the post) and the action that has been (not) taken would be incredibly helpful so that I can make sure I don't end up reporting the same person multiple times.

    Improved Search:

    This sort of leads on from the above point, as I use the search function a lot when checking up on members.

    There is a lot wrong with the search function in my eyes, and I don't think it would be hard to fix. For example, when searching from inside a thread you have the option to "Display results as threads" but that option isn't there from the home screen or from /search/.

    The main thing that I would like to see implemented into the search is the option to display posts old > new, as well as being able to sort them by thanks. Displaying posts by date would allow me to find members with duplicate accounts faster, and searching by thanks would allow people to find helpful threads easier.

    The number of results that appear with a search also makes absolutely no sense to me and it seems completely random. Some searches show 120 posts, others show 200 posts, 177 posts... the point is, why does it never show all of the posts (I understand that not all searches have more than 200 results, but when I search all posts made by myself, only 180 show up in the search function while I have 1500+ posts)

    Ignore forums:

    Don't like lounge posts? Block the forum, don't whine.

    I often see people complaining about particular sections being active, for example, the Crypto Currency section, so having the ability to be able to ignore/ hide particular subforums from view.

    There is literally a plugin that does exactly that, and it only costs $10. There is literally no reason not to install it.

    Rule Revision - Instagram Engagement Groups:

    I understand that you don't want members to be taken away from the forum and discuss things over messenger services, but the no engagement group rule is honestly absurd and it's clear that you don't actually understand what engagement groups are.

    The idea behind engagement groups is that, after posting a picture on your Instagram account, you share it with the other large account owners in the group and they comment on/ like the picture with the goal of getting it more exposure. Some of these groups even run on bots and automatically pick other people's accounts.

    Unless I'm missing something here... there is no way that this practice can be done on BHW and it absolutely takes 0 contributions away from the forum.

    If people don't want to see posts about the groups that's fine - I left a suggestion above about how that can be resolved - but that is no reason to deprive people of groups that can seriously help people.

    Desktop Notifications / BHW App:

    I suggested desktop notifications in a thread months ago, and it seems like it has been forgotten. I'm no expert in XenForo, but doing the same thing with WordPress is a very simple task and really takes no effort at all.

    Like I said, I don't know what I'm talking about with forums, but these plugins seem to be able to do the job partly.

    Xen Pushover
    [Google Chrome] Notifications

    As to an official BHW app, that could also be done pretty easily with something like this, but it would also be a great way to test a coder's ability during a BST review. The forum is filtered out on my network provider - due to it being classed as 18+ pornography - so this would potentially be a workaround for that.

    Rule Revision - Affiliate Links:

    I've mentioned this one in private before and had a very reasonable response about why it should not be done, but I still believe that the no-aff link rule is pointless.

    Take this thread for example. It's had 5000+ replies, 750,000 views, and 280 thanks, yet there is a massive red banner above the post that, in my eyes, completely discredits the post.

    There's no denying that the thread has helped hundreds of people. Heck, I've personally made hundreds of dollars with it, so I see absolutely no reason why the member shouldn't be allowed to be thanked - in a meaningful way - for his efforts.

    Removing his code from the end of those links was, in my opinion, a dick move. They still point to the same site. They still make the service provider money (Many are actually on BHW themselves). Yet now OP gets nothing. If he was the owner of those services (Who, like I mentioned, are actually on BHW themselves) then there would have been no issue at all and his post would have remained the same.

    I understand why the rule is in place, and I agree that it does stop a lot of spammers offering low-quality content, but in cases like this where the thread is genuinely useful and not spammy, common sense should be used.

    Customised Adverts:

    I mentioned this in my previous thread, but I didn't want it to be ignored again.


    As long as adverts like this remain on BHW, I will continue to use Adblock. I understand the forum has overheads, but adverts like this ruin the site for me. They have nothing to do with the site and I don't know how/ why they are allowed.

    If you're going to use a scantily clad model, at least use a unique picture.


    Remove Likes By Banned Members:

    I've seen this mentioned on a few threads recently, and it's a very valid point. Almost every BST in the web design section has thanks that primarily come from banned accounts. Whether they are doing it themselves or it is a competitor doing it, there's no reason not to remove the thanks of banned members.

    etc.. etc.. etc...

    Maybe @clevercrazy11, @AzonGeek, @Floopa75, @unknown_zero, @Amazing Grace, @Pepper Jr. @Vaspar and the many, many others with threads like this could explain what's going on?

    I recently got into a lot of trouble for spamming another member, and I learnt a lot about how things work - from an anti-spam point of view. I'm not going to go back there, as I've already unsuccessfully had this conversation with an admin, but this plugin will fix the majority of the issues that I caused.

    Random Sub-Forums:

    This is a really minor point, but some of the sub-forums make absolutely no sense. For example, Social Media is a sub-forum of BlackHat SEO and Buy / Sell Phone-Verified AC Accounts is a sub-forum of Associated Content & Writing Articles. It makes 0 sense.

    Like I said, I honestly doubt any of these will happen, as I saw with my last suggestions thread, but I had some spare time before I go out and thought I would address some of my ideas.
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  2. I know SEO

    I know SEO Marketplace Mod Moderator Jr. VIP

    Nov 29, 2012
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    You can use the search function for this, within a thread the search box in the top right of the page will allow you to "search this thread only".


    Add the OP's username and you're good to go.

    You as a user don't really need to worry about this, but you should get an alert when we take action on reports giving you a little information on what we did.

    I don't see how the average user needs to know what happened with their reports in more detail than this.

    Scroll to the bottom and click "find older messages" on the last page of the results if you want a users full posting history. Bringing these results up straight away would bring massive load to the BHW servers, especially on a database the size of ours but the option if there if you need it.


    Or you could just not view the forums that don't interest you?... I personally don't see the issue here.

    However, if there are entire forum sections that don't interest you then you can click on this icon in the right hand side of the header.


    This will shrink the section down so you don't have to see it.

    If you knew how many of the shit lists originate from people adding each other on skype and dealing with each other off the forum you would fully appreciate why we don't like skype groups. I see no reason why you couldn't run an engagement group via PM if you really wanted to where we can fix issues if they come up.

    Also, a lot of skype groups are set up by experienced people purely to sell products to noobs. They are not good places to be.

    I see two big issues with this.

    "but in cases like this....."

    Who is deciding if a thread is good or not? This is just going to cause arguments between members and mods when we pull certain threads for affiliate links and not others. We need a clear stance that everyone is subject to not just some members.

    Also, if we allow affiliate links we are going to see a huge influx in crappy content promoting crappy services/tools.

    If your only motivation for sharing information on BHW is $$$ then you're probably in the wrong place.

    I did look into these threads with a huge number of likes and saw no proof at all that these sellers did anything wrong and saw no connection between the spammers and the sellers. It looks like spammers were liking threads randomly to increase account activity and try to not get caught.. As you can see it didn't work well for them. It's not fair to call out the sellers in this case either as they have no control over who presses thanks on their thread.

    I would like to see spammers thanks removed, but to have a blanket rule to remove thanks from all banned accounts would cause members metrics to drop for no fault of their own which IMO isn't right.

    As for the sub forums you have a good point here, there are a couple that are probably out of date but there could still be people using these older platforms and still making money so why not keep the content there? I've also seen people say the same thing about the myspace forum... but myspace could easily relaunch into a new platform that interests members again.
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  3. elavmunretea

    elavmunretea Elite Member

    May 14, 2016
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    Wow. How tf did I miss that. Thanks :)

    Like I mentioned, I have reported multiple people in the past at times with solid proof and only got notifications about a few reports. Even if it's been rejected, I want to know so I don't report them again. This is a perfect example of that.

    Another example is this. I reported them, but nothing happened. Maybe that's because a mod decided I was wrong... but how do I know that?

    This does not always work.

    For example, https://www.blackhatworld.com/search/7444484/?q=seo&o=relevance shows 102 posts, and I am sure that more than 102 people have mentioned SEO...


    The point is... for an easy install it would save a lot of people complaining about certain sections of the forum.

    You can't ignore threads on the home screen...

    Skype Groups =/= Instagram groups and I would never put them together.

    Instagram Engagement groups are usually on telegram / Instagram itself. Telegram has the option to code bots, that work like I mentioned before to automatically complete the task and doing it via Instagram is very easy for the manual owners to like/ comment.

    Once again, you seem to have misunderstood the groups. They are not tittle-tattle groups, they are for linking a post. Nothing more/less.

    This CANNOT be done via BHW PM. First of all, BHW does not allow for bots to be built to interact with the chat. Secondly, you can only get something like 15 members in a PM group.

    Come on... the example I showed was clear as day. That was an amazing post and I don't see what removing the link from the OP achieved. Like I mentioned. the mods would have had no issue if he actually owned the sites (You would have never known).

    The process of removing the link and adding the big banner just seems a little bitter to me. How much money has Damien made from the 700k+ views to the thread? If you don't allow this content, why don't you delete it instead of removing the affiliate link but keeping the link going to the same service?

    It accomplishes nothing but pissing the OP off and making it less likely for him to contribute again. The site still makes money from the users he is creating for them. The forum still gets the ad revenue.

    That's not true in the slightest. Just because someone has ulterior motives for posting does not mean their content is not valued.

    The forum would be nothing without long/ helpful threads like that. You should know that more than anyone.

    I am not suggesting that you remove the content, merely move it to somewhere that is appropriate.

    Also, the Buy / Sell Phone-Verified AC Accounts link in the content section just links back to the forum page. Is there no way to delete/ hide it? It just looks sloppy.
  4. elavmunretea

    elavmunretea Elite Member

    May 14, 2016
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    Another thing I forgot to mention earlier was the "Thread bumping rule"

    It seems that whenever you bump a thread from a while ago, people automatically jump on you and report the post etc.

    Just because a thread has not been touched in a while does not mean that a user should not post there.

    In a lot of situations, it makes much more sense to continue the conversation than to make another thread about it and clog up the forum. What if someone then replies to that new thread with an answer that was already in the old one? It is pointless..


    I don't actually know what results in a red warning banner - whether it be an infraction etc - but seriously... giving someone a warning for questioning why a member - WHO WAS BANNED FOR SCAMMING in the same thread - had been unbanned is a joke.

    This is another instance where common sense should come above forum policy. It would not have made sense to create another thread about this and later on - after another thread bump that was seemingly ok because an admin did it - he was proven to be right and the member was banned once again.

    You have to remember that many people will come across threads from the search engine and post a reply without even checking. I know I'm guilty of this too, but I think everyone's a bit quick to jump aboard the "stop thread bumping you noob" band wagon.
  5. Apricot

    Apricot Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 26, 2013
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    I do apologise that you felt we didn't jump urgently to address your specific concerns above everybody else's.

    Unfortunately, googling "xenforo plugins" then presenting them as a definitive answer doesn't begin to cover the process involved in adding new features. There's over 800,000 users here and millions of posts. The forum's already heavily customised and there are many more custom features we're working. Given this, every single plugin has to be carefully weighed up before being installed because we all know how well third-party plugins and extensions play with each other. Most of our development work is bug-fixing when each new feature we implement manages to cause issues with something that's previously been working well.

    Can't tell you how much I'd like that to be true. But, in addition to the development issues above, the main reason we wouldn't install a $10 third-party plugin on a forum of this size is *because* it's a $10 third party plugin.

    I'm going to close this thread. The suggestions are appreciated but we need to be able to get a feel for how important certain issues are and how many members it affects. There's just too much covered in one post, so it's difficult to pick out the priorities from it. Also, the intermittent complaints about how you've been ignored aren't particularly constructive either.

    Lastly, I'm aware you feel that this is a personal thing but there's no animosity from my point of view. Countless members have issues with me - it's just part of the job - but I just don't have the time or bandwidth to reciprocate. You're a valuable member of the community and you've contributed a lot, so I'd hate to see this end because of a perceived grudge that isn't there.
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