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Follower results

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by InstaGrower, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. InstaGrower

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    So i have been running a couple of accounts manually for 1-1.5 months and I've been getting roughly 50+ follows per day and around 110+ likes on each photo when doing it manually (haven't been going crazy just warming the accounts up), But now that I've started using followliker my stats have dropped and my page doesn't seem to be doing as well? Yes my settings are low but higher than what i was doing manually, the conversion rate seems much lower for some reason?

    Im thinking it may be due to hashtags, I've heard hashtags don't work using followliker so that may be why it was working better manually and thats why i was getting more likes? And maybe i was gaining more followers because i was always following the people who had just liked a recent picture of a popular account so i knew they were active and now followliker might be following old accounts?

    Also the picture quality of photos uploaded via followliker seems to be lower than when posted using android, anyone know anything about this?

    Any ideas? Thanks.