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Follow Liker Instagram Help Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jacob Jones, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones Newbie

    Mar 13, 2017
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    Hey guys I am new to the forum. I am working on Follow Liker and trying to get adept at some of the things. I would love for some guidance from the veterans. My goal is to work up to 1000 accounts or more on follow liker. I have hit some hiccups.

    Let me explain my journey to failure lol
    I got follow liker and I felt like I was about to dominate the world haha but it crashed and burned
    I used 5 accounts on there and apparently at this point I didnt think about proxy etc
    Well pretty soon 3 accounts got banned and I thought someone had stolen them. Then I started looking more into it might be banned and proxies etc
    So I got PVA accounts but then I needed specific user names, specific profile photo, and no description.
    So to login and change each one was very hectic. I had to use bluestacks, tether my data and change each username, description and picture. This took forever
    Then after all this I entered the accounts in follow liker and now they asked for verification again (this would take forever as well to login via bluestacks over and over. Was wondering is there a better way to verify, and not have to tether phone data)
    In addition when I would add proxy and start the account would keep asking to verify it and even when I did it via bluestacks and tried to resume it would keep trying. So then I started account on my real ip and then after it started running bot then i put proxy which stopped asking me to verify. Well pretty much that day all 10 accounts were banned

    My goal:
    I want help pm from some veterans
    I want to have 1000 accounts running on Follow liker or is there something better?
    My goal is to use these accounts to comment like etc and the comments are focused to market for the 1 specific account(Which I want to drive traffic too but not wanting to use bot with incase it will get banned) I want to drive traffic too this with the other accounts by commented to ask them to check that account out. In addition I want to be using the 1000 accounts or more which will all have their own theme or story. If someone can give me some good input from people who are veterans and have managed alot of account on what I should do. Thanks guy
  2. HTX

    HTX Newbie

    Mar 13, 2017
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    I think you're supposed to start by reading the "New Members Read This Before You Post Your First Thread" stickied post at the top of the introduction forum.