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Feb 12, 2018
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So apparently Flippa tries to upgrade their platform and they have recently partnered up with Centurica, to review the businesses sold there.. And the so called "upgrade" is more than pain in the ass, non functioning process. At least for me.

My question is, anyone from BHW has any experience with the new Flippa upgrade, or Centurica before?

7 days ago i listed my business to Flippa, i have verified everything with the Flippa system, then they sent in some kind of Listing Manager who verified the P & L statement, told me i get all the Listing upgrades and the front page advertisement for free... Still nothing.. 7 days without any progress at all, nobody from Centurica has even contacted me and here comes the weekend.. What type of bullshit upgrades are these, non functioning service that holds your site locked for weeks and by their rules you are not allowed to list the business for sale anywhere else at the same time...

Hopefully someone has already been through this process before me so you can share some advice.

Best regards.
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