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First steps in OGads

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Thenaigga, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Thenaigga

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    Jul 29, 2016
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    We speak a bit of my trip so far to summarize what I have echo for a year. I started working with paid surveys (iPoll, Isay..) a year ago, for a year I was working with this method of solving problems for work since I'm not from USA and this complicated things, during that period I worked for about $ 5 a day and I focus on that (if it is did not have much vision) then I started to investigate more thoroughly on how to get money on the internet as from a point I knew it would be my way of maintenance for the present and possibly future. I discovered BHW and I started saving money to invest and advance more in this project of life and I have come to what I currently have is little but it is what I have achieved so far due to both work and personal difficulties I've had.

    I have $ 120 in Amazon Gift Card (to change to the required currency to invest) a niche in IG content erotic feet in which currently have 1200 fans and every day work on increasing your growth slowly to learn on the fly, get my card, Payoneer to receive payments and we finally recently managed to register in OGads, I have more mini projects underway but not are to generate money , they are more investigative and tasks that I meet necessary to point out a good work performance by internet.

    At this moment I want to concentrate first on OGads and I am thinking of joining Crakrevenue. In OGads've been watching the page and so it appears jobs are in "Product offers" and "All offers" reviewing I've understood that the money in different ways is generated either by downloading an application, records... Point is explaining the objective of this offer, but from there to observe the details not be as "enable", or put this in working with what I already have. If I have an account on IG's feet, how am I going to meet an offer asking me to download applications and install them? How could group the variety of offers with the platform that I already have? Is that this is part of the job and it is the responsibility of each to do or not to do, but I'm so lost that not are or how to "activate" bids, and could say that you for various offers should or having other niches or be creative when promoting them, but would like to know the experience of those who already have a time in this field to learn everything. Thanks for reading me and sorry for the English I use translator.

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