Finally paid off my ($80) debt :P


Apr 29, 2010
Yeah. It's a small amount for americans, but that cost me in Malaysia around 3 times that. I'm a student, and don't have much cash to begin with.

Bills reminder kept spamming my inbox for the next 3 months. Ebay representative always miss called me, and there's one time where I unknowingly made a call to them on August 2010.

They asked me, like, without introducing themselves:

Ebay: "Who might this be?"
Me: "I'm [real name]."
Ebay: "Okay, please wait a while."
[Songs being played].
Ebay: "Hello, I'm from eBay. Are your username Y?"
Me: "Yes."
Ebay: "Okay, you have an astounding bill of $80 dollars. When are you
going to pay for it?"
Me: "This month."
Ebay: "...This month?"
Me: "Yeah."
Ebay: "...Oookay. We'll be calling you again at the end of the month."
Me: "Right."

And I never answered miss calls anymore... Until I'd paid my debt yesterday. My journey began again. I started answering questions from curious bidders. From 2 items listed on eBay, there's 1 bid on one of them. Hoping for the 8th positive feedback. And more $$. Plus reliable dropshippers. And holiday, too. :cool:
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