1. Infinitee

    I fucked up... RECOVERY

    Hello everybody, hope your weekend is going well. I recently became 16 years old, and i was busy with stupid shit. I had made a post a while back about a investment that had gone wrong. Where i made myself a debt of about 800€ i said Turns out these calculations were wrong, i had actually...
  2. M

    Engineer from Oman

    Hi guys I am 25 Living in Oman. Came here after seeing Paypal negative balance threads as I am facing a similar issue. Recieved 5k+ personal payments from someone who has multiple paypal accounts and i highly doubt it is carding money though he sent from an a Paypal balance of account. He told...
  3. A

    Borrowing $400

    Hello BHW! So there's this guy from my country (Syria) who's offering to teach people his unique techniques to earn money online. Unfortunately, his course is worth 400$. Yup that's a lot of money for me and I will never be able to collect this amount of money in my country. So this question...
  4. Louie AV

    When it comes to Payday, personal and installment loan leads!

    I need to know what people think is the best affiliate program for this. Any thoughts?
  5. natedogg

    Business Debt

    What do you think the average small business debt is in the US? I have a feeling a lot of businesses are living above their means with their nice cars and lavish vacations.
  6. Dexterity

    Hiring - Debt Lead Generator -FB/Google Ads

    Hello, Looking for a Debt lead generator that can generate through Facebook or Google. Please PM me, we can pay on CPA model or Per Lead.
  7. cgt2012

    Your Debt Leads or Debt Traffic - My Services

    I am looking for exclusive debt leads with a minimum of $15k in total debt per lead. The fields I'm looking for are: 1.) Full Name 2. ) Email 3.) Total Debt Amount (must be at least $15k unsecured debt) 4.) Telephone Number 5.) Best Time to Call (this is optional) You must have debt leads...
  8. William702

    Radio adverts for refinance loans to buy bitcoin in Las Vegas

    WTF!! Heard the ad on the radio in the car twice now. I'll try and get the company name next time its on If I remember. It's a totally normal ad for a loan and then it says things like, go on that trip you have always wanted, buy a new car. Now is a great time to invest in the bitcoin dip. So...
  9. FormerBoxer

    Love being self employed but

    most of my profits are going to my debt every month. I have a business making great weekly profits but I'm paying off mostly credit cards. Then when I factor in rent, utility bills, my child school, food, etc. I can't save much. I don't want to pay off all my credit cards because I need cash...
  10. Q


    OK, so I am only 14years old. I have a paypal account which I use to sell things. I sold this guy an item for $216. He sent me the money I sent him the item its all gucci. I used the money the day I got it. A few days later he refunded it and I lost the case and now my account is in a negative...
  11. B

    Stealth account name and debt collectors???

    So today out of the blue I've received a voice mail from a Unkown number. The voice mail said Something about cl documents( hard to hear but what it sounded like) with my name and social security number on it. Then she went on to say to be home between 12pm and 5pm, she is going to stop by my...
  12. TheNumbersGuy

    As an Internet Marketer, are you Financially organized?

    Hey Guys, Did you know that 50% of startup companies fail within the first 4 years of operating. Lots of these companies fail due to lack of financial organization. Some things to ask yourself: Do I know what my margins are? Am I charging enough for my services/product? Am I spending too...
  13. B

    What should I do?

    Hi Guys, Need some advice, I have around 300000 debt leads (US) with phone numbers, first name, last name, address etc. What should I do with them? They all are genuine. Thanks!
  14. U

    Join Our Affiliate Program - Earn $250+ Per Sale!

    Are you an affiliate marketer looking for a profitable product to promote? Join our debt help affiliate program today and begin promoting legitimate, certified debt help services! Earn $250 OR MORE for every customer you refer! That means that you are GUARANTEED not to earn anything less than...
  15. U

    Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program – Earn $250-$450 Per Sale (HIGH PAYOUT GUARANTEE!)

    Hello everyone. We are announcing our debt consolidation affiliate program and we are paying $250-$450 per sale + BONUSES to attract affiliates! Debt help offers convert very well, and can be very profitable to promote. We pay top commissions and will never pay you any less than $250 for...
  16. amoro

    Need $ - Sell me your real time Debt Leads

    I have a client who just sent me some money to buy real time debt leads. If you still have them and are generating quality data via white, grey or blackhat contact me asap. I need about 500 leads a day.
  17. R

    Finally paid off my ($80) debt :P

    Yeah. It's a small amount for americans, but that cost me in Malaysia around 3 times that. I'm a student, and don't have much cash to begin with. Bills reminder kept spamming my inbox for the next 3 months. Ebay representative always miss called me, and there's one time where I unknowingly...
  18. A

    The Challenge

    Hey, guys and girls! (If you're having trouble understanding my name--it is antisocial) So, yes, I am fairly new here, and aside from lurking here I've been doing a lot of research/interviews regarding internet marketing. My goal is to graduate from college/university debt free. Now, I hope...
  19. M

    UK Debt Management Affiliate Program

  20. ph4dge

    Advice needed about debt / finance site

    I'm am currently setting up a debt consolidation membership site and wanted some feedback from affiliates that have promoted this kind of thing in the past. Anything to do with debt / finance / credit etc.. Want to know what you would expect to find in the members section. Please be as...
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