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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by 1962vl, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Hi blackhatters,
    Recently i have taken unlimited hosting of hostmonster, after using it i feel thats its not good, because many atimes, when i open my own webssites, it says error page, after sometime if i try then it opens, i feel the problem is with the hostmonster server, so i contacted them and explained my problem, i think because of which i am even getting the 100% bouncerate in analytics.

    So, can any body tell which one is the best for hosting atleast 10-20 web sites, which gets atleast a 200 a day visitor per site. Please guys excuse me that please dont put your affiliate links as i myself affiliate with so many web hosting companies.

    I have created this thread, so that we all members here shall be benefitted from the replies and can go for the best web hosting plans.

    thanks and regards
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    Disregarding the fact that if these were wordpress/forum sites they would use a tonne of CPU, and that is likely why they keep going down.

    How much bandwidth do you use with 20 sites with 200 visitors a day. Even a so called "unlimited" plan could possibly not cater to your needs if you are ramping up the bandwidth.