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    I've had a champion FB ad that was working very well. The settings were setup for website conversions with website conversion pixel and auto bidding.

    I recreated similar ads, and none of them got the type of traction that this champion ad did. It was a newsfeed ad with a nice image and all. Then today, this champion ad gets reset to '0' on EVERY column, no impressions, nothing. I've been creating various ads all day with website conversions, cpm, website clicks, and they get approved but I've had no luck. They're all at 0.

    Account spend is clear, everything is clear but except for a lousy small right hand side ad, nothing is moving these ads from zero. I even went into manual bidding and put the bid at $30 and still nothing!!!

    I'm losing my mind here.
    Can someone please shed some light on what's going on?

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