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    I want to share a method that I have been using to get a lot of TRAFFC on a consistent basis. How well this works depends on many factors eg your niche, the keywords you target ect ect

    THE METHOD: Video Marketing With A TWIST

    Step 1 is to make a list of 5 Long tail keyphrases from within your niche

    Lets say the niche is Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Eg of 3 Long Tail Key Phrsaes (use google keyword tool to find these keyphrases)

    Hypnosis For Weight Loss
    Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss
    Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Step 2 is to make 5 BASIC Slideshow Videos using any basic software eg Windows Movie Maker

    all you need are a few images related to your niche, this you can easily get using Google Images.

    Then you create the slideshow videos, to illustrate the type of videos to create here is an example.

    So the key step here is to make 5 unique videos, just add a few different images in each video to make them unique.

    You should have 5 unique basic slideshow vidoes by then end of this step

    HERE Is an example of the type of vids I am talking about. And all you need to do is create 5 similar vids each with a few different images!

    Step 3. is to Upload these Videos on youtube

    The key step here is to make sure once the video is uploaded is to make sure that the TITLE of each of the videos is one of the LONG TAIL KEYPHRASES you found in step one.

    Also make sure in the description of the video to add the full HTTP:// url
    this will give you direct back link to the site you are promoting.

    So by the end of this step you should have 5 videos targetting long tail keyphrsaes uploaded on youtube

    Step 4. Upload to Other Top Video Sites

    Repeat step 3 but go and upload the 5 videos to these other top video sites
    Dailymotion, Metacafe,Vimeo and other top video sites.

    So by the end of this step you will have atleast 20 submissions targeting 5 target keyphrsaes

    THIS IS IT! Now you should get some traffic potentially. Of course it depends on your niche and may other factors.

    Now if this initial test works well or if you even see some potential then all you need to do is rinse and repeat and go for as many target key phrases as you can not just 5!

    The key is to scale this method to see massive results.


    PITFALLS: This method has its pitfalls, eg these videos are not necessarily high quality when it comes to delivering value, plus you may have issues with getting the vids approved on the video sites if they look too spammy

    BENEFITS: if done well you can get a lot of targeted traffic, the traffic comes from these vids potentially ranking on page 1 or 2, this will work if you target LONG TRAIL KEY PHRASES and if they dont have too much competition they will easily rank. SO when you have a LOT of these videos targeting a lot of long tail key phrases that traffic slowly adds up. And the BONUS is you get back links from some of the Video Sites that allow it such as youtube.

    Remember just like any method it will depend on many factors such as niche ect, but this method does work if done correctly

    So take action and try this method out!
    and feel free to ask any questions
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    This is the repeated method, well done you did a good job. It need time to test it :)
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    Here is a PDF detailing the method for those that want a more detailed step by step of this process.