FaSteSt Virtualization POSSIBLE for programming, web-design, and work scalable?

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    Hello awesome BHW community,

    Looked all over couldn't find anything on virtualization, so opened new thread. MOD'S Please move thread if in wrong place.

    I am looking for the fastest virtualization software possible.

    Purpose - Programming, Photoshop, Design & headless SB operation.

    4 users to start remote desktop connections to one machine. Looking to control user permissions.

    Would like headless option like vmware presents to run sb without interruptions just using physical resources.

    Considering xenserver & desktop. Has anyone had personal experience with these tools?

    #1 - Anyone had any experience before with this issue?
    #2 - anyone have any recommendations to a good set up or can assist with the set up ?
    #3 - Issues I may run into longer term ?
    #4 - Also heard about amazon cloud servers free for an year, just not sure what the price tag will be for that much usage after everything is set up. So preferably a free option I have the hardware for it.

    Huge Thanks & Hope this helps anyone trying to solve a similar problem.

    Huge thanks to everyone who helps been hitting my head for days against a rock trying to find this information.