Factory Hookup of the Week! --- LED Flashlights (Torches)

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    Hey hey, how are you all doing!
    Hope that everyone is having a great November long-weekend (in Canada at least... USA's turkey-day is coming up soon too right? ;) )

    I am going to be starting a weekly/bi-weekly product/supplier spotlight that I have connections with and that I can hopefully help link you guys up with. Again as many of you know from reading my previous threads, I am a trades broker, and therefore cannot disclose information about my suppliers, however I can help you place orders through them and give you access to their Product Catalogue which contains information on unit price, pictures, MOQ, shipping estimates (if you need a quote), amongst many other details.

    Before I begin, I have to insert the following as per usual:


    >>> Details of Service: <<<

    As a whole-sale trade agent/broker, I interact as the sole individual that brings your requests for specific products, and my personal connections with suppliers in China together with the end goal to unite a buyer and supplier in a legally bound trade deal. Due to this, all that I will charge is a flat% as a brokerage/agent fee based on the total order amount (differs based on order values and for repeat customers).

    I know that many people will see this as "Why the hell should I order through an agent if it will end up being extra money to pay out" ... my simple answer to this is that I am offering you the extra security through my professional contracts using ESCROW, along with the opportunity to gain access to my suppliers rarely found not even on Alibaba and similar "whole-sale supplier" sites. ***


    Spotlight Factory/Product (Nov.11,2012): LED Flashlights (Torches)

    - Popular but not OVER-saturated market niche
    - For eBay sellers, some of the top watched eBay items can be LED Flashlights (500~1000 watchers on some of the top items)
    ---- HOWEVER, these items are not released out to the masses, so you will have a unique product to push ;)

    Product Catalog:


    To keep things nice and simple, if you are curious in doing business distributing/selling these products to your clients and or by yourself, please send me an email at: [email protected]

    Thanks for looking!
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