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    Hey there,

    I work with other social networks but I am pretty noob with facebook. I used to do heavy internet marketing with myspace, and then moved into just making music. I still use black hat techniques and work hard on promoting myself,

    I have a lot of questions about facebook.
    1. When promoting a like page for a music group, is it worth it to do the same routine as if you were doing cpa, such as account chaining and mass inviting?
    2. What is the absolute best software, the ones I have used are weak especially for id gathering?
    3. What is a great way to set up the landing page, I am not really making money with this, I make my money by the exposure online then doing shows over in their city. But I need to set it up to where it makes them want to like it, it converts the visitor.
    4. (also trying to figure out youtube :] )

    Please pm me, I am trying to branch out and network with other marketers. I have good info with other sites, and don't mind sharing ideas. I also dont like the idea of actual strategies being shared on forums, thats how those ideas get patched and banned.

    heres what i do

    gfgmusic () com

    Thanks so much, and feel free to pm me if you have some questions about twitter or myspace.