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Facebook Sharing Method?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by kingsare2, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. kingsare2

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    Jul 21, 2011
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    New York, New York

    I was wondering if there was a place to purchase facebook shares. Not shares as in stock holdings but shares as in sharing a post.

    I see some offers on Fiver but I'm assuming that those are crap. I'd like to buy some real shares from real accounts or find some way to do this.

    I figure the average real facebook account gets 10+ views per post. If 1,000 people share your post then that's 10,000+ views.

    I had a friend that managed to get over 88,000 shares on a post, I wonder how much traffic that generated her. I tried to do a test using imgur but there's no way to upload your picture via link. You can do it but users would have to click through to see your image.

    I really want to use this method for promoting videos and things of that nature.

    The obvious solution for this is getting 1,000 PVA accounts a bunch of proxies (probably 300+) a program like FaceDominator and do it that way. The problem there is building up a decent friends list.

    Does anyone know how to build a good friend list? I don't mean a some sort of networking group of people that accept every friend request, I mean a clever way of getting real people to accept your request or even send you one.

    What are your thoughts?