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Facebook is behaving really weird, please help me guys.

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by vishal2890, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. vishal2890

    vishal2890 Power Member

    Sep 14, 2012
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    Shamrock the Pub can be found on Facebook under www.facebook.com/shamrockthepub.

    Shamrock is not a person. Shamrock is a place. That means, there is no special account necessary or available to administrate Shamrock’s Facebook web site. You need an existing person’s account who can be defined as an administrator for the Shamrock’s Facebook web site.

    The administrator is www.facebook.com/gncgk. That’s me. Whenever I log in with my account, I can find “Shamrock the Pub” as a Link below “PAGES”.


    When I follow this link, I can see that:


    When I take a look to “See All” at the “New Likes”, I can find that:


    E.g. that means, “Christoph Ungar” is one of the persons who clicked “Like” most recently. At the same time there is a box to the right showing a lot of suggestions, which friends of mine (gncgk) I could invite to like Shamrock’s page:


    How does that work? Christoph I one of the persons who is connected to Shamrock the Pub or likes it, and at the same time he is a suggested person, I should invite to the Shamrock!? And I have a pretty long list of persons who are available in both lists. I have tried to use the “Invite” button several times, but nothing happens on the other end at Christoph’s Facebook session. How can I ensure, that my own friends are really connected to Shamrock? I have no opportunity downloading a list of all 28k persons who like Shamrock, just to search and filter locally within any kind of a database system. And what is the “Invite Friends” box worth, if there appear every day the same persons, regardless of clicking the “Invite” button or not?

    A few centimeters to the south there is a box:


    What is the difference of “70 Friends Connected to Shamrock” and “59 friends like this”? Is there a difference between of “connected” and “like it”?

    If I take a look to my own page, I can find 510 “friends”:


    Even if I can’t filter, search and download efficiently any list of the 28k Likes of the Shamrock, I am sure, at least 200 of my friends have already pressed the “Like” button for Shamrock. Why can be found only 70 connected and only 59 likes?

    That’s why I have to ask the same question once again, how can I ensure, that my own friends are really connected to or like the Shamrock (if there is a difference between connected and like)?

    Why is it important for me to ensure, that all my own friends do like the Shamrock?

    To create any event, I change my account’s context using the “Act as Shamrock the Pub” function. After creating an event I have to join initially this event as gncgk. After that I’m able to invite guests. But I can’t invite the 28k persons who like the Shamrock. I can invite only those persons which are my own friends. I assume that the 28k persons who like Shamrock will see the creation of the event at least as a kind of posting on their own wall!? Or is there any feature how to invite the real “Likers” and not only my own friends? My second administrator (Kurt Grömer) of course can invite only his friends to an event. That means, that all friends Kurt and me have in common, will receive two invitations. It would be great to prevent that situation, instead of bothering our guests.

    By the way, I’m acting as Shamrock at the moment and took a look to the “invite-suggestion-box”:


    Christoph pops up once again…!?

    If you scroll down the list, each person pops up again and again at least three or four times…!?

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  2. SpookSEO

    SpookSEO Senior Member

    Dec 15, 2012
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    London, UK
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    Your screenshots are not showing up for me.