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Facebook ID verification is broken (but still breaks blackhatters) !!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Rock_Shock, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Rock_Shock

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    Sep 11, 2016
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    I made a post recently on how I intend on creating the most unbreakable FB accounts ( http://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/fb-id-verification-fix.882247/#post-9325118 ). Got some responses but we are far from breaking the code. FB locks you out in 3 ways and there is a way out of 2 of them.

    The 3 methods are:
    - Phone verification (SMSPVA or own SMS.. I use own..never used SMSPVA..can't vouch. According to what I know there are glitches but it works)
    - Friends verification (Change IP to Japan or use FB friends photos tool in Massplanner. Both work as far as i know)
    - ID verification (The most dreaded one is this one..uncracked till now)

    These are implemented usually in that order.. starting with phone.

    Also they have like no more messaging for a few hours to a few days.. no more liking..posting..commenting for a few days kinda bans.. Lame Zuck version of timeouts for kids. Nothing to do about that.. just dont do that.. dont post/like/comment too fast..make real accounts..real personas..real friends..real everything..
    I have a rule of thumb: make the accounts believable to yourself and FB will believe it too. Most IMs have been around the block enough to spot a fake..If you realistically think you wont be able to make out if this account is fake..chances are neither will FB. If that is too much of a hassle..too bad.. find another network..FB wont let you..

    Long story short.. The story I am here to share is of a guy from Pakistan uses fake ID to take over someone's FB, changes email, 2 step verification, changes everything, changes ownership of business pages and FB facilitates it all.


    Let's make a group to share ideas and crack the code of Facebook's verification process. Telegram is the most secure messenger out there. If someone wants to be in a telegram brainstorming group to try and understand how to make UNBREAKABLE / UNBANNABLE accounts PM me. See above link to my first thread for details. Will need some manpower to do this. :)

    Disclaimer: I do NOT endorse hacking. All i intend to do from posting this is highlight that there is a broken system in FB which is used to reign in blackhatters by demanding ID verification. A noob with a 0.1 MBPS speed internet and no hacking skills took over someone's FB account using a passport scan of another person and here we are losing facebook accounts left right and center.

    P.S.: I have zero coding knowledge but good social engineering and growth hacking knowledge. Let's gut zuck.
    P.P.S. : Did you know zuck used fake FB accounts and destroyed his competition by hacking and stealing their passwords: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articl...vard-the-truth-behind-the-social-network.html

    You are not being a saint by not exploiting his system.. you are becoming a victim. Time to take action.
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