Facebook Groups For Marketing

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    Facebook Groups For Marketing
    Placing ads in Facebook groups is highly recommended and one of the best places to generate huge amounts of traffic to your website or capture page to produce sign ups and sales for you business at ZERO cost. Facebook requires you to register for a free account before you can join groups and post ads, so if you don’t have a Facebook account yet you can sign-up at: facebook
    The 1st thing to do is join as many Facebook groups as possible from the list below. There are many groups posted below, and by simply logging into your Facebook account, you then copy and paste each link into your browser and click on the Join Group button at the top right side of each page of the group.
    Be sure to turn off the notifications in each group so you don't get notified of all the posts, you can see the notifications tab at the top right of each group - turn it to off.
    Once you have joined all the Facebook groups below, you can begin to post ads manually. it’s will take a decent amount of time to get your ads posted in all Facebook groups, but it’s well worth it and the rewards can be very profitable.
    I suggest that you 1st create the ad and post it on your profile wall so you can simply copy and paste into the groups along with an image or link to a capture page rather than typing out each one, this will save you a ton of time and help you to post more ads daily.

    I am not able to post any of the group here, so just message me and I will give you the file.