affliate marketing

  1. fbformoney

    [Affiliate Network] Introducing - The Click-Partner

    Hello Guys , I have been in IM for sometime now , we a group of highly motivated media buyers created this affiliate network with offers which are having good conversion rates. Top Verticals : Dating , Sweeps , COD , Nutra and etc. Top Geos : USA, Germany , Portugal , Mexico and etc. Contact...
  2. NeoPredator

    How i helped someone generate 150k blasting 7 million Instagram emails (click bank)

    Recently, someone approached me and asked if they could use my data to blast millions of Instagram emails for affiliate marketing. I had no clue how it would pan out, and he generated over 150k in 60 days with 7 million emails. For those that dont know, i scraped over 100 million emails and...
  3. ppdash

    [FIVERR Aff + Google ADS] Need suggestions/ideas...let's talk about this!

    So recently i started doing affliate and I chose fiverr. i have a google ad account and as long as fiverr dowsent like the direct google ads traffic im using linktree as a landing page. i tried facebook ads with linktree and it's doing well.please share your ideas suggestions. I don't know much...
  4. ppdash

    Anyone doing youtube ads..How is the cost for usa audience?

    is it worth it to do affliate service marketing? i searched google and it says the avg. CPM is $0.010 – $0.030..
  5. yugi_master

    affliate marketing to drive sales to online store?

    hello i wanted to ask if anyone used goaffpro or UPpromote to drive sales to his online store by dealing with affliaters and influencers. please share your experiences guys.
  6. lilkrito

    Number 21 After 20 Fails : Make Money With CPA (HELP)

    Hi BHW Community, So I tried a lot of making money methods, I used to CPA since 2018, but until now I did not make any penny, I started with CPAlead, son now I want to start again with CPA, any networks + methods you suggest, I really want to make money to buy a camera, now I'm joining with...
  7. lilkrito

    Making Money Journey Lead To Sadness --> Sad Story (IRL)

    Hi BHW Community, First: My Sad Story In Making Money Online It all started when I was a kid in his 14 age in the hope of beginning to have some money from the internet box on 17 July 2016 (6 Years Ago), I made my first channel and it was about Minecraft tutorials, from that time the making...
  8. lilkrito

    Make Money Online With 10$ Investment !?

    Hi BHW Community, I have 10$ and I want to start make money with it, so is there any ideas, I'm thinking in a way that I can make ad with it and make a profit then do it again, is this idea is good too or not ? Any Suggestions
  9. lilkrito

    Adult Traffic Ideas For CPA Network (CrakRevenue) !?

    Hi BHW Beasts CrakRevenue Ideas !? I had just started Affiliate Marketing in the adult niche (porn), and I use CrakRevenue Network for the affiliate links, but I really want other ways to get the traffic for my links, I tried Twitter and I got excellent traffic there, but the traffic on the...
  10. Besard

    How can I create an affliate for my clothing brand

    Hello Members, How can I create an affliate strategy for my clothing brand. It means to pay commission to the people who bring me customers, to pay% commission for every product they sell. Can anyone help me how this strategy is created?
  11. FastWyoming

    I am looking for someone who can promote my ebook and my website. Where can I find them?

    Hello, I don't know is a good place and I want to warn you because I am not an English native speaker. :) I would like to ask you guys how can I find people which can promote my ebooks or my website but I would like to pay for action or better pay by sale.
  12. crabzz

    Got a noob plan

    This is more like asking questions Maybe you came across this plan ,I hope it will work ,whats your opinion? already joined in an affliiate program now my plan is to buy or create some insta accounts and do some follows ,likes ,... and post some photos after some time and join in fb groups...
  13. Great ruler

    How to start Email marketing

    I studied lot of guides but it big confusion where to start How to design landing page How collect B2C email list How to send Emails with cheap cost and good delivery rate Landing page to affiliate site How to convert into money There is any proper guide for this email marketing
  14. E

    how to make money with sports affiliate marketing deal

    Hello guys, if I have posted this thread in the wrong section for the mods to move it. I have a deal with a well-known sports/entertainment tv streaming service examples (sling tv, directtv, hulutv). They provide the customer with a 7-day trial to test out the service before they make a...
  15. michel hocks

    It's time To change The Network Ad-center What You Think Any Recomendation

    This is my last Three days Traffic stats for my ad-center account and i am disappointed i think they are stolen lots of sales Which is the best for ad-center alternative?
  16. ossamamarwan


    Hi guys! I hope you are doing well! Just wondering if an Internet Marketer can promote a link (offer), why not focusing about promoting/sell their own product (offer)?
  17. S

    Ad-blocker and Affliate Marketing

    Hello, i'm new in Affliate Marketing and i start to get some selles, however i saw that the most of VSL and TSL (page of product) they use scripts in their Price/Product image, if we jave a client who use Ad-blocker and he click on our link he will see a page without any...
  18. P

    Can you teach me how to make money with affiliate marketing?

    Have read stories of people cashing out big with affiliate Marketing. I want to learn how to make money with AF marketing. But I don't know how and step to take. Can someone experienced guide through me on how to go from 0 to 100..
  19. bootz

    Is this the End of Game Hack Niche on YT

    Hello BlackHatWorld ! As the title says is this the end of YOUTUBE GAME HACK NICHE.? I've been doing this stuff for almost 2 years and i am earning like 70$ to 120$ a day without having any problems on my video even if they're doing an update. But this recent update due to COVID19 VIRUS. even...
  20. Joemoe101

    My First IM Journey to $50k a year - Quit My Day Job with affiliate Marketing!

    Hi all and welcome! After stalking on BHW for about 5 years, I have read 1000s of threads plus many more articles on everything related to IM over the years! What I noticed is I loved the idea of earning money online from home or anywhere in the world for that matter! But.. I did nothing! I...
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