Extreme Targeted Mailing Journey [Slow Progressing]

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    Hey Everyone,
    I know I have a bad reputation with keeping up with journey threads, mainly because I loose inspiration and hardly no one seems intersted. This shouldn't be a main motivator for me. I've realised I need to do this for myself and that's exactly what i'm going to do.

    So, let's get straight down to it. I call this "Extreme Targeted Mailing" that means I'm going to pick through a list of hundreds of potential clients and choose one, then really drive home that sale.

    I have no experience, but I make up for that with knowledge. I have read, re-read, bookmarked and re-read many Offline Methods here and I think I'm ready to get started.

    So, you may be wondering how I attempt to get "Super Targeted Leads"; let me break it down for you.

    First, I look through my local newspaper and then choose potential clients depending on a few factors:
    ($250 / 13 weeks delivered to 5,000 homes once weekly)

    I'll write an "X" on any advertisement that looks promising, I.E has the following traits:

    A) Has an average client value of $100+ OR would have a high client business.
    B) Has a poorly designed Advertisement, easy to improve upon
    C) Has a contact number, business name and logo. (I redesign their advertisement for FREE and send it to them in my package, more info later)

    Image Example:


    From there I've kind of built a system in my head that ranks businesses via their likeyness to purchase my services.

    Unbearibly bad website = + 0.50 Points
    Website not mobile optimized = + 0.50 Points
    Have some connection to the owner nomatter how slight = + 0.50 Points
    Domain name with no website = +1 Point
    No website = + 1 Point
    Live in local proximity / easy meeting distance = 1 Point
    Advertising in local paper = +2 Points
    Understand the needs for Marketing / Advertising etc = + 2 Points
    Have recently purchased Graphic Designs, renovated building or come under new ownership = + 3 Points

    This is basically all of the key points I have thought of thus far, I'm sure you will be able to help via posting more.

    I then pinpoint it down to the best possible customer I can find that I havn't contacted thus far.

    First Business Targeting:

    PFD - Pet Food Retailer, he is in close proximity (2KM) his total point ranking comes to:

    9.5 / 9.5 *

    * Maximum rating you can currently receive while not countering other benefits. (Total points comes to 10.5)

    * Clearly this point system won't guarantee a sale, I just feel as though it will help me rank local businesses, please feel free to ad "Requirements / Points" ranking to the chart, this will help incredibly.

    Notes about PFD:

    - Has recently paid over $300 for Graphic Design.
    - Has no website.
    - Has a Facebook page and often advertises specials, competitions and more.
    - Has well designed A - Frames and Signage throughout his street, very costly for a small business.

    What I've picked up from my breif anaylasis is that he understands you need to spend money to make money and he has spared no expense.


    I've created a package to send to my "Targeted Leads" which include:
    - 1x Sales Letter
    - 1x Business Card
    - Hand Written Envelope
    - 1x Teaser (Not sure what the correct term is for this, it's basically like 7878's dice incorporation.
    - 1x Free redesigned advertisement

    I still need to print the sales letters and pick up the Teasers, but heres the "Package" so far:


    As far as services go, I'll be covering these:
    * Bold means main focus

    - Graphic Design
    - Web Design
    - Web Coding

    - Marketing
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Social Marketing? (Whatever it is when you manage their social networks)

    All of these aspects will be outsourced to a reliable team I have worked with many times.

    This is all I have for now, I expect to mail out 5/08/2013

    Any advice?
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    instead of adding dice to the package create something customized with your business name that the receiver can use on a daily basis...

    top of my head: keychains, lanyard, a coaster that says something like 'we support your business when you're out for a drink' blabla

    the dice technique is cool and intriguing but it works best with a kickass sales letter that wows. if you want the receiver to actually get in touch with you sending some dice won't do the trick...
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    Thanks for your constructive post, the Teaser was not specifically dice.

    The company name is a play on words (Tamborine is the location and I've encorporated a Tambourine into the logo) so I was thinking if I could find like Tambourine keychains or something, will have to look arround.
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    nice idea ! will check my yellow pages soon :D