Expected Features, Specs and Relase date of Apple iPhone 5S

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    The iPhone 5S versions are codenamed N51 and N53 and predictably the device will have similar design to the iPhone 5.

    iOS 7 :-

    The iPhone 5S will almost assuredly be running iOS 7 if and when it arrives this year. iOS 7 will presumably be the successor to iOS 6, the current mobile operating system for Apple?s devices and one that very well could be its biggest overhaul of the iOS operating system yet.

    Earlier last year, after the release of iOS 6 and the poor reception to Apple?s new Maps application, iOS Chief Scott Forstall was replaced by OS X head Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue who will now oversee Siri and Maps. Jony Ive will also now lead the team responsible for the Human Interface (a.k.a. User Interface) across Apple.

    iPhone 5S display :-

    If Apple keeps the same form factor, Apple will likely keep the same 4-inch display that the iPhone 5 currently sports. However, Apple is rumored to potentially be bumping up the resolution of the iPhone 5S display to keep up with the competition.

    Last year, Verizon has released the Droid DNA by HTC which offers a full HD 1080p display with 440 pixels-per-inch. The screen looks gorgeous and the technology will likely dominate the Android landscape next year. Both the Galaxy S4 and the HTC M7 are rumored to be launching with full HD 1080p displays.

    To combat this, Misek believes that Apple may release a Retina+ display with Sharp IZGO technology. There was no elaboration on the pixels-per-inch or the resolution but it could be that it checks in at 367 ppi with 720P or 550 ppi with a 1080p resolution It could also be that Apple waits for the iPhone 6 to introduce a completely overhauled display.
    The company proved that it won?t rush to add features just to compete with the competition. For example, it kept the size of the iPhone 4S display at 3.5-inches, even while Android phones were sporting much larger displays.

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