Envato Market Scam (codecanyon - themeforest - videohive....)

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    I bought around $350 since the last 2 years on the envato marketplace, I also recently bought a no working plugin and after 2 months they didn't want to refund me so I opened a paypal dispute that I won quickly...

    But since I won the paypal dispute they deleted my account and I'm not able to access to my $350 of licenses, I'm not believed but before they sent me an email threatening me to "steal" my other licenses and close my account if I do not let them win the dispute.

    After a quick research I found hundreds of people is the same case: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.envato.com
    So be aware and download all your stuff if you have to open a paypal dispute against them!

    Questions for those who have legal knowledge:
    • Is this process legal? Including the "account deleting threat" and the "steal" of the previous purchases
    • What can happen If I charge a VA to contact all these possibly scammed people in order to open a mass legal action against them?

    I'm not even looking to get back my $350 but they deserve a good lesson like being trolled to death by a dozen of law students.

    Feel free to share your experience about envato market!
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    Wow thanks for bring this to light, Ive been buying from them for about 7 years and have spent almost a thousand on various things. I never had a bad experience myself as every product I ever bought worked out. This is very unfortunate this occurred, people running that site sound money hungry and shady.