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    I'm trying to create sales email campaign with a scraped email list. I'm targeting niche and I sent between 300-800 emails per day. Email content is very well written as I had 98% delivery and 49% open rate.

    Campaign is created in a way so it sends only 3-4 emails with a few days break between each email. I wanted to reduce potential risk of been reported as SPAM.

    I tried with Mailchimp and SendInblue but since I got few complains they decrease sending quota per hour or suspend my account (mailchimp).

    Should I tried with dedicated IP address? Somewhere I read that ISP will consider IP address as a spam if complain rate is more than 0.1%. I think that's hard to accomplish (even I was close with my campaign, maybe around 0.3-0.5%)

    I'm afraid if I buy IP address and get more than few complains, my IP will be blackmailed and it will be vainly spending time and money.

    I need a way so I could continuous run campaign from day to day without any obstacles.

    What is your experience? Can you give me suggestion how to do that?

    Thank you for your time reading this post!
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    Did you clean your list? What is your bounce rate and complaint rate?