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    A colleague and myself were talking earlier today, and some of the recent 'hacks' that have made it into the news came up. Being as both of us frequent quite a few internet forums/boards which I imagine would have great interest in that type of data, we were very skeptical as neither of us had seen anything posted. Given, I don't frequent (or even know of any) 'hacking' type forums that may be more buzzing about these.

    For example, the 'fappening' leak (a bunch of nude pics of celebrities) was online, being passed around before I even saw it in the news. Makes sense, right? Bunch of nude celeb pics go online, everyone wants to see them and pass them around.

    Now, while I imagine a bunch of names, emails, etc wouldn't be nearly as popular as nude celeb pics to most people, I'd imagine boards like this one would eat them up. Yet.... I don't ever hear anything about them, see them posted or for sale.

    I was wondering if anyone else around here had an opinion on the subject, or cared thought that perhaps the lack of posts about them indicated a sort of corporate interest (competitors hacking competition).