eCommerce JV for those with knowledge

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    Online Store

    Your Benefits walking in:

    Already indexed, steady traffic.

    Will give you a subdomained section to maintain. One way links from the main domain

    Will explain to you how to obtain the product.

    Will explain to you how to handle logistics (shipping and receiving).

    Daily Cash Flow. You will be a vendor. You will bank almost immediately.

    What you have to do:

    Though you will be your a subdomain, you will be a separate vendor and entity, so you will need to have a filed separate entity and taxes handled. You will establish or have already established payment methods, you can use all the major methods, they are already built in. You will ship and receive. You will do all your own customer service and additional marketing.

    The only thing you have to do is drop me 5% on the month, you can do it whenever makes you feel comfortable. Everything is already marked up $20.

    The purpose for this is I need to cipher off the funnel, too much for 1 man too handle.

    This is only for responsible individuals who know a thing or two about eCommerce.

    pm or send an e-mail to [email protected] dot com