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    Heya, I just got a PM from a nice BWH Member and I typed an awesome reply, of epic proportions , when I realized I have not met my 15 posts!

    Nor I have I taken the time to formally introduce myself, so here is my <5 seconds of fame!

    I'm an avid blogger, which makes me kind of a writer. I don't like to write, but when I like I can get after it pretty feveriously until I've written a novel so long no one would read it, and then narrow it down, and condense it into a nicely flavored article about things that people probbably really shouldn't care about in the first place.

    Secondly, I'm also a programmer, and I know about 1 or 2 more languages than I can count. I've developed iPhone Apps, I love PHP, but my roots are in GWBasic and batch programming for DOS. Yes DOS. I've even seen a webserver written in QBasic, compiled to an exe.

    So enough random garbledygook about my past, here's what I'm here for. Money.

    Moving on, well more specificly, I'm interested in learning the trade of SEO for purposes of defeating harder established websites in ranking. How else can my nice little quaint tech blog or whatever compete against ZD&Cnet? By fighting dirty! And thus that is the root of the reason why you are here, now currently reading this long introduction. Please forgive the next few replies, as they are mere shamlessly short quips designated to serve only their higher purpose; my post count. ;)