Ebay traffic from IG + smspva acc giveaway

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by splittercore, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Hey, since people don't like to answer for noobs like me, I will giveaway my smspva acc with 8.45$ which I dont use anymore. FREE STUFF for a good answer!

    Is IG a good way to get traffic to eBay? Is it risky? My eBay account is 8 years old. But I have used it for 1 year actively. It has 300+ sales, top rated seller worldwide. I have 70 items for sale. Some items gets ~1000 views per month, some gets 20.

    The items I am selling are not completely legal. I make prints of images, however I DO NOT OWN the copyrights for the images. I got them from google. Usually they are digital art. I have seen some other, bigger ebay stores selling in same niche using SAME images. However it is a small niche. Maybe only 10 accounts selling similar stuff.

    My eBay store is not on social media, because I though that too much exposure may give some copyright problems. Lately, eBAY for more expensive and I get less orders so I am thinking about IG to help me get some traffic. I know, that using other's images is not the best thing for my KARMA, and I will probably shift to something different when I will have opportunity.

    Any advice is more than helpful. THANK YOU!

    P.s. sorry if this is a bad category, I was not 100% sure.
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    Evropa bro
    You are selling visual products, so promoting them on visual platforms like IG, Pinterest, FB and some smaller social networks or web2.0 sites suitable for your niche is always a good thing to do.

    What do you mean by ''is it risky''? I don't know if IG account will live long with eBay link on it, but you can always redirect the traffic to your own domain with a button (who will redirect after clicking) saying something like ''Enter the shop'' or "See my portfolio'' etc.. you get the idea, the main part is to redirect the traffic to your ebay listings and keep your IG account safe.

    I don't know your niche, but the probability of getting copyright complains in this scenario is low. If I were you, I would kick out the ''karma'' crap of my head and start promoting my stuff.

    BTW I don't need your pva acc.