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    May 25, 2015
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    We are looking for professional, VERY RELIABLE persons for this part-time that could turn into a full-time. We need someone who has experience with computers in general. We are looking for 2 sellers to help us list our merchandise.

    The following are needed experience/skills:
    -Knowledgeable with Ebay online selling sites
    -Create listings for new merchandise
    -Write detailed descriptions
    -Editing the pictures - Knowledgeable in e.g.Photoshop for resizing or redesigning the pictures.
    -Research product and merchandise
    -Possible customer service is essential with a positive and friendly attitude

    If you have ever sold anything on Ebay, THIS IS AN EASY JOB FOR YOU! This is a commission based job with excellent pay.

    Must IMPORTANT!!! You must have an Ebay user with a minimum of 20 positive feedback as seller and no selling limits on it. Also you paypal account shouldn't have any sending or receiving limits.

    Skype : dennis.sanger01
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    May I ask what totally legit product you want us to move for you?