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Dutch Stealh Payal Account Help?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ceet12, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. ceet12

    ceet12 Newbie

    Jan 21, 2014
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    Hello all

    apologies for asking these questions i wonder if anyone can give me any advice,

    i recently set up a Dutch stealth paypal account on my Dutch server so it has a real dutch ip address , with a real address, new email, etc

    i bought a vcc, which worked and verified great.

    The paypal seemed to be verified but the "lift limits still remains" receiving limit per year ?2500, included screenshots below

    to lifit the sending the limit i was prompted with " we need to confirm your account information or collect further information"

    what is your account ownership type, i chose "an individual consumer rather than sole proprietor maybe i did wrong?,

    it then asked me to "confirm personal information"

    on clicking this i was prompted with

    "EU regulations Require Financial Service Firms Like Paypal to confirm the identity of all its users with money moving privileges, please confirm or update your information below"

    its then asking me for a document number usually a passport etc

    which obviously i cant provide because it asking me to input a passport number so even false documents wouldn't work i imagine

    my question is, is this the case with setting up all European paypal's or just dutch or have i been unlucky?

    im currently in the uk and i have a proper uk (my personal) paypal and i was never asked for these documents when setting mine up.

    if it is the case is there anyway of getting around this?

    if not would anyone recommend any tips on how to not have this happen again when setting up a dutch/european paypal if possible?

    apologies about all the questions

    Paypal lift limits1.jpg Paypal identify1.jpg Paypal identify2.jpg Paypal identify3.jpg Paypal identify4 - Copy.jpg
  2. artizhay

    artizhay BANNED BANNED

    Nov 21, 2010
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    The following may violate some ethical and legal legitimacy, but just for the sake of suggesting it:
    1. Open a US PayPal using a US IP on a virtual machine
    2. Open a US bank account using falsified address documents
    3. Verify your US PayPal using the US bank and a VCC
    4. Have funds sent from your PayPal to your US bank, then transfer these to your Dutch account
    Or you could find someone in the US who you would trust to send your funds to you.

    Though I suppose both methods are borderline money laundering.
  3. Mr.Whitehat

    Mr.Whitehat Senior Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    Affiliate Marketer
    @ OP infact i had a dutch paypal account but when the euro 2.5k per year was over, i submitted a fake doc but paypal checked it for authenticity and limited the ac for ever. So based on my experience, its hard to get around with the limit
  4. magnificent.time

    magnificent.time Newbie

    Jan 14, 2011
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    European Union
    Fake Docs are working for sure ! Have over 20+ EU eBay Stealth accounts and never had problem - you just need clean SCAN copies of your local ID docs like ID or Passport ! If you are interested PM and I can help out with Photoshop or simply check the link below

  5. TheMoneyWizard

    TheMoneyWizard Elite Member

    May 31, 2012
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    What were the pics taken with? A potato?

    Just call PayPal up and tell them the truth about how you're a no good money laundering thief, because why would you possibly need a stealth account with limits above 2500 Euros if you already have a UK PayPal account with no limits? I smell a money launderer here!
  6. domkk

    domkk Newbie

    Feb 20, 2014
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    How to do point #2 online? Even using real ID, i can't find out how to setup american bank account when im european citizen without going to usa
  7. ceet12

    ceet12 Newbie

    Jan 21, 2014
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    sorry for delay everyone

    :artizhay, you would still be presentend with a ssn once you hit the 20.000 dollar limit, which is impossible to fake

    :magnificttime, i did contact second eye, but the difference is its not just asking for a passport to check for the validity of the name etc, its asking for apassport number, so thats impossible to fake, unless you apply for a passport in this name, but that would be difficult, it is actually asking for a passport number, not a scan of a passport, it probably would want a scan as well, however ill send you a pm

    you cant really see in the picture uploaded, but at the bottom it asks for id number

    :themoneywizard, the pics were screen dumps, perfect photos, bhw has done that to pictures when uploading, my ebay account was banned for a silly reason, so associating UK paypal is no good, i should of really explained that as there are always people like you quick to judge, so dont assume what you dont know, i would like another paypal for stealth reason to set up ebay again, not money laundering. Infact to be honest if you cant help don't comment, its also funny how looking into your comment history i find you also have a non verified paypal account that your looking to buy a vba/vcc for, maybe your a money laundering scum bag too hey? i notice no one assumed that about you. Stealth paypals can be used for lots of reasons, not always money laundering, and in this case it isnt

    Thanks for info mrwhitehat, same issue, here a passport number is needed, so unless you set up a paypal in the name of someone you know, in a stealth address and get there permission to use there paypal i think thats the only way it would work.

    i notice tho, you can use a vcc, and use a American vba on euro paypals, so thats a bonus

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2014