Drop in Amazon Conversion Rates

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by judaculla, Mar 4, 2017.

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    Below is a screenshot of the past thirty days for one of my Amazon Websites' activity. This site is largely focused in the Health & Beauty niche, and has been hit hard (~45% decrease in commission rates) by Amazon's recent changes. It is what it is, but I've also seen a considerable decrease in overall conversion rates as well in the past week or so. I was wondering if anyone else has seen these kinds of dips lately? Below, you can see a screen shot illustrating the shift. The Red Line is # of referrals, the yellow line is the conversion rate. The cyan bars are the commission fees, which have expectedly taken a hit with the recent payout changes. I've circled the period of time where I've seen conversions tanking.


    I haven't made any shifts in traffic sources, no rankings have jumped considerably, and I can't find anything on my end to explain why my conversion rates have been tanking. Anyone insight would be greatly appreciated. The timing for this couldn't be worse, with the recent changes in payouts.
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    I've experienced this too but only in the past week or so. My catagories are in clothing and outdoors.

    My thoughts? Post holiday / Pre Summer lull in purchasing. Retail sales in most catagories drop in late Feb through May. This is just from general retail/business experience and not from Amazon Affiliates. My sites aren't even a year old to properly compare seasonal trends.

    Is your site less than a year old? If so, compare the dip to last year around this time. This will prove that it just might be seasonal and should get better once the summer months hit and people are in the spending mood again.

    Something that is also worth noting is that my clicks are the same haven't dropped. But the purchases have dropped by 50-60%.