Drinking cow pee??

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Apr 9, 2016
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This is a video on my youtube recommended today.
Anyone from India need comments, How real is this?
Start: 4:00

Also what do you think about those video stats??

It is an hour old apparently but it has

Comments: 786
Likes: 533
Dislike: 197
Views: 6.5k(probably more)

I find the comments/likes sketchy bought probably ?
Its 100 percent real
Gomutra is used in some ayurveduc medicines
And it has a lot of benefits
But i have never taken it and will never take it

Edit - there is no such scientic study on this topic and i dont believe it helps in any case of disease
Fellow Indian over here who follows Ayurveda (a bit)

Well, Cow Pee is good for overall health. But you need to be man (for others, it might be retard) enough to drink it lol

The Cow Pee that's sold in places like Haridwar(and other locations in Uttarakhand), is assumed to be best in India.

It's effective but I've heard it's disgusting as hell. I wouldn't try this shit until I'm diagnosed with some cancer or shit.
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In Ayurveda ( 'Ayurveda' is generally understood as 'Science of life' translating 'Ayuh (r)'as life and 'Veda' as science. ) and its real in many part of our country .
Gosh I did not expect to see this in BHW. Some people in India ( the pro-cows) are like that.. yes. It's related to the age old battle whether to eat beef or not. People can be so stupid :/

PS. I am from India too and no.. I don't drink cow pee.. and yes. I eat beef..
I'm Indian, but I only prefer beef.

Don't bring that shit near me.
its helpful in fatal disease according to Ayurveda, only those suffering from life threatening disease will ever use and understand its importance . Maybe you guys think its disgusting but once its proved effective for caner or other disease , not only indian but every patient is goona try this. so no need to hate this people have been using their own pee lol
Not sure about its medical uses (might be true) - but I know its common with people who workship cows as god..
cow pee has not yet hit the UK market, but I will watch out when it is available in my grocery store.
this will be a change from stale British beer of the early hours.
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