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Jun 10, 2010
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GPL Cellar.com

Download and Install Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes from a single plugin.

Includes Elementor Pro!

  • Unlimited Downloads
    Access to Free Themes and Plugins
    Automatic Updates
    1-Click Update Requests
    Original Clean Files
    Includes Elementor Pro

Lite: $10.99 /month
Basic: $14.99 /month
Pro: $19.99 /month

One-Time Purchases
7-day Trial: $4.99
Lifetime: $199.99
Agency: $349.99 (use on 1,000 websites)

Cancel anytime, and continue to use whatever you installed or downloaded.

Download Now


Buy Now

(Limited Disoucnt Coupon Codes Available)

Contact and Support: [email protected]


Q - Which items are available?
A - View our catalog.

Q - Is this a subscription?
A - Yes. The plugin is free to use with some plugins and themes made freely available. We offer a monthly and yearly plan. The most cost effective plan is our Lifetime Access plan.

Q - What happens if I cancel my subscription?
A - Keep what you have installed or downloaded. You just won’t receive updates to items.

Q - Do you offer refunds.
A - Yes, within reason and within the first month.

Q - Are these nulled?
A - No. These are original clean files.

Q - Do I need a key?
A - You don’t need a license to use GPL Cellar. You will need a valid license to install, update, and download NON-Free items.

Q - Do I need a key for plugins and themes I use?
A - Not really. Since these are not nulled, some plugins will ask for a key but will work 100%. Please note, developers of some plugins prohibit the use of their product without a valid key.
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With anything more than 5 going in here
For Buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

For Buyers Regarding Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.
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Interested. Please add a search bar on home page and catalogue page so that we can search what we are looking for instead to see the whole catalogue page one by one.

Interested. Please add a search bar on home page and catalogue page so that we can search what we are looking for instead to see the whole catalogue page one by one.

Searching capabilities on the website is something I will look into. The plugin is FREE to download and install and from there you can search and see available items along with installing free items.

I am interested, please give me the discount code

Coupon codes have been sent!
Can you explain for me, how you get the plugins/themes, and are allowed to "re-sell" them?

Only because of GPL Licence?

How can you garuantee that the files are original and not manipulated?
Using the plugin for a while now. After the update of version 2.0, the plugin is absolutely smooth and works like a charm.

Regarding the service, the system has a huge collection of themes and plugins. Most of the themes are as same as the source and some of them are nulled to make it functional. We can also request themes and plugins whenever an update is available. The seller was supportive and got quick responses whenever I got stuck.

Download the free plugin and check the collection before you buy. If you are an agency owner or PNB expert or someone with multiple blogs, this is a must-have in your arsenal.
Can you explain for me, how you get the plugins/themes, and are allowed to "re-sell" them?

Only because of GPL Licence?

How can you garuantee that the files are original and not manipulated?
Also interested @cnick79
Can you explain for me, how you get the plugins/themes, and are allowed to "re-sell" them?

Only because of GPL Licence?

How can you garuantee that the files are original and not manipulated?

I want to know this as well.

Also interested @cnick79

I have subscriptions to many of the items I am offering. I say "many" and not all, because going out an purchasing them all singularly is not monetarily feasible for anyone! So what I did was partner with a few people like myself and built a network of items that I make available via my plugin. This is why I only have ~2,700 items available and not 4,000+ you can find elsewhere. Proceeds from this BST are reinvested to purchase additional items that can become available here. All items are from their original sources, and most are not manipulated. Some are nulled so the product is usable, but the vast majority have not been manipulated which means you need to do it yourself.

How can I guarantee the files are safe? I know my word means jack shit at this point and I don't blame you for second guessing. Over the last few months I have developed a fairly efficient process for updating items I provide. Part of this process involves me scanning all files for malware and viruses before they reach my servers. Just because a file comes directly from the developer doesn't mean they can't inject malicious code whether intentional or not. As we speak, I am working on added virustotal scans to all of my files I upload as an addition security measure. When you upload a file to VT they take a hash of your file and if it sees that hash has already been scanned then the results are immediately returned. If the hash doesn't match, then the file is scanned and added to their records. Once this has been implemented, you will be able to download items using my plugin, and see that they have been scanned in VT. I also made the Wordfence security plugin freely available to users of gplcellar.

The GPL license is an odd license that many developers don't like, because it provides them with little protection over their code. WordPress itself is licensed under GPL making it open source, and any derivative of it also has to be licensed under GPL. That means you can take somebody else's plugin and make your own as long as you release the source code to it. There is a site similar to mine that sells WooCommerce specific plugins and themes. WordPress forced them to change their name, not because they were reselling their plugins and themes, but because they had the trademarked term "woo" as their URL and product name. That site rebranded and is still operational today.

Prices are affordable, are there continuous updates?

Yes, the plugin itself is updated with new features and fixes and a new version is expected in a couple days. The provided library is updated on a daily basis. Should you need an immediate update you can always contact me and I will expedite the process. You can always drop a message here if you need additional items added.

Regarding coupons
For everyone that requested coupon codes, they have been sent.

I have been handing out more coupon codes than are allowed to be used, so the codes are available on a first use basis.
I have got a chance to review OP's plugin, and here is my review:

Pretty easy to use without any tutorials. I have got several plugins and themes free using this plugin.
You can even update the existing one without re-installing, this is my favorite feature.
it got huge list of plugins and themes to choose from. And you can request any item you want to add in your list.
Seller reply to your queries and tickets within few hour which is one of the best thing.

All in one I can recommend to people who don't want to pay hefty amount for each theme/plugin but want to have access to all of those.
Don't wait, go for it.
I got a review copy from OP and the plugin works perfectly and a wide range of themes and plugins to choose from. Amazing service I must say.
I got a review copy and just tested it out. It's pretty cool. Installing the plugin ads an option to the menu in the WP dashboard and then you can just browse all the themes and plugins like you do in the WP repo. There's an option to directly install the theme/plugin or download it and use it on other sites. Although I mostly use free themes and plugins, this is a pretty cool plugin to have.
I received a free review copy. I won't say much, the plugin is extremely amazing, it has a great variety of updated add-ons, you can install and update your entire arsenal with just one click.

Very impressed.
In the monthly fee, is it a simple use in one website?

If the plugin I installed from the list need a cdkey. How come I can still use it?
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