Dont buy @MadStacks - Scam Altert

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    I am partnered with akshdalal, and umirin. And now we were looking to wet our hands in Ebay/dropshipping in the free time. So, we thought of buying paypal accounts from "Madstacks". He promised to deliver accounts in 3 days, but eventually deliver's imaginary account on the 8th day.

    He is a banned member but it's my bad that he was banned 2 days after we placed order.

    I can't post shitlist against a banned member, so MOD suggested me to post it in lounge.

    I am posting this, as he was a reputable guy here. And I don't want anyone else to be scammed.

    Here is the paypal conversation -

    [03-May-14 4:22:54 PM] Akshay Dalal: Sort of
    [03-May-14 4:22:58 PM] Akshay Dalal: (sun)
    [03-May-14 4:24:14 PM] Akshay Dalal: I will test currently one account. ANd if it works I have got big orders coming
    [03-May-14 4:25:34 PM] Akshay Dalal: Looks like you slept on keyboard :D
    [03-May-14 4:26:16 PM] MadStacks: Okay here is what I offer 
    Bank of America + PayPal 
    -USA Bank of America Checking Account 
    -No ID Required so it is anonymous 
    -I physically mail you the bank card 
    -Use the ATM bank Card to withdraw at ATM's or Shop 
    -Accept Direct deposit or International wires 
    It is linked to the PayPal Account already 
    PayPal is 
    -Bank Verified 
    -Card Verified 
    -Address Confirmed 
    $370 (Includes everything above) 
    I offer dscounts for payment with Bitcoin 
    Additionally I provide a forward phone number and confirm it 
    with the PayPal. 
    All documents such as 
    Proof of ID 
    Address Confirmation ect 
    Are included
    [03-May-14 4:26:56 PM] *** MadStacks sent IMG_20140424_150832714.jpg ***
    [03-May-14 4:27:05 PM] MadStacks: I mail it with DHL
    [03-May-14 4:27:15 PM] MadStacks: And its a real USA Bank Account
    [03-May-14 4:28:18 PM] Akshay Dalal: Looks really good. And appropriate price is offered by you.
    [03-May-14 4:29:31 PM] Akshay Dalal: But currently I need only an paypal account, not card or anything else. I am using paypal account for something else, so card you will send, won't be used by me. Is there some other plan with only paypal account?
    [03-May-14 4:30:15 PM] Akshay Dalal: I can purchase this account later, after I have used this account, and earned money from it.
    [03-May-14 4:30:34 PM] Akshay Dalal: I need like 3-4 accounts after this account
    [03-May-14 4:30:45 PM] Akshay Dalal: In biggining
    [03-May-14 4:31:02 PM | Edited 4:31:18 PM] Akshay Dalal: Later I need weekly. So, I guess it won't be loss to you too.
    [03-May-14 4:33:16 PM] MadStacks: Sure, I offer just a PayPal account package 
    Business PayPal Account 
    -Bank verified 
    -Card Verified 
    -Address Confirmed 
    -Unlimited Sending Limits 
    -Unlimited Withdrawal Limits 
    $75 (Bitcoin discount available) 
    And I also give a discount for 2 accounts at $120 for 2
    [03-May-14 4:33:57 PM] Akshay Dalal: Does this account have - 
    [Saturday, May 03, 2014 4:21 PM] Akshay Dalal: 
    [03-May-14 4:34:19 PM] MadStacks: You want to actually be able to withdraw it to the bank?
    [03-May-14 4:34:34 PM] Akshay Dalal: No. I don't want account to get limited.
    [03-May-14 4:34:55 PM] Akshay Dalal: I am not going to withdraw money form paypal. I will use it for transferring
    [03-May-14 4:35:03 PM] MadStacks: 
    [03-May-14 4:35:09 PM] MadStacks: and*
    [03-May-14 4:35:27 PM] MadStacks: Now additionally I can provide all ID documents for it for an additional $50
    [03-May-14 4:35:59 PM] MadStacks: Bank Statement 
    Passport copy 
    utility Bill 
    Credit Card Statement 
    [03-May-14 4:36:56 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. It is perfect ot go with you.
    [03-May-14 4:37:15 PM] Akshay Dalal: I needed actually a person, who can provide all the things
    [03-May-14 4:37:42 PM] Akshay Dalal: I will take the $75 package
    [03-May-14 4:37:54 PM] MadStacks: Yeah so for $125 
    You get the PayPal and all documents 
    SSN Verified
    [03-May-14 4:37:59 PM] Akshay Dalal: Please tell how we shall proceed
    [03-May-14 4:38:06 PM] MadStacks: $75 for the PayPal
    [03-May-14 4:38:08 PM] MadStacks: without documents
    [03-May-14 4:38:24 PM] MadStacks: Well do you have Bitcoin you can pay with?
    [03-May-14 4:38:32 PM] Akshay Dalal: I will buy documents later. Currently I need to test if account will work for what I need
    [03-May-14 4:38:43 PM] MadStacks: Sure thing
    [03-May-14 4:39:05 PM] Akshay Dalal: I could have payed with bitcoin, but there are lots of intermediator
    [03-May-14 4:39:15 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, it is hassle, and costs more
    [03-May-14 4:39:24 PM] Akshay Dalal: I will pay you via paypal
    [03-May-14 4:39:31 PM] MadStacks: Okay that works for me
    [03-May-14 4:39:55 PM] Akshay Dalal: Don't worry about chargeback, I have lost over $500 with not working paypal accounts
    [03-May-14 4:40:03 PM] Akshay Dalal: SO, how shall we proceed?
    [03-May-14 4:40:13 PM] MadStacks: Let me get you my PayPal email
    [03-May-14 4:40:21 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok.
    [03-May-14 4:40:21 PM] MadStacks: Hold on a minute or two please
    [03-May-14 4:40:26 PM] Akshay Dalal: NP:)
    [03-May-14 4:56:36 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hey, I can also take the 120 package, right?
    [03-May-14 4:56:49 PM] Akshay Dalal: And when will the account be available?
    [03-May-14 4:58:53 PM] MadStacks: So you want 2 for $120 right?
    [03-May-14 4:59:00 PM] MadStacks: 3 days it will be ready :)
    [03-May-14 4:59:10 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. great
    [03-May-14 4:59:19 PM] Akshay Dalal: You will create new accounts?
    [03-May-14 5:00:08 PM] MadStacks: I also offer a warranty...If the accounts are limits within 20 days for any reason I will provide documents for them for free or provide you with new accounts at no cost to you.
    [03-May-14 5:00:21 PM] MadStacks: Yes they are new and I can make them in your desired business name
    [03-May-14 5:00:43 PM] Akshay Dalal: I don't have a business name
    [03-May-14 5:01:19 PM] Akshay Dalal: Can i give you the vps for creation of account?
    [03-May-14 5:01:36 PM] MadStacks: I provide the VPS it was created on to you :)
    [03-May-14 5:01:43 PM] MadStacks: 3 months is already paid on it
    [03-May-14 5:01:55 PM] Akshay Dalal: Is it amazon VPS?
    [03-May-14 5:02:12 PM] MadStacks: No, if you would like I will use the VPS you want
    [03-May-14 5:02:44 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. On one my VPS, on other your VPS
    [03-May-14 5:02:55 PM] MadStacks: Okay that works fine for me
    [03-May-14 5:03:19 PM] MadStacks: Payment email: [email protected]
    And please do not include information like you are buying an account ect
    [03-May-14 5:03:25 PM] MadStacks: Amount due is $120
    [03-May-14 5:03:35 PM] MadStacks: All I need is the VPS details for one of them
    [03-May-14 5:04:36 PM | Edited 5:04:51 PM] Akshay Dalal: OK. Payment will be done as soon as my financing partner comes. Meanwhile you can start creating accounts. I am sending out VPS detail is like 45 minutes,, as it will take time to set the VPS up.
    [03-May-14 5:04:59 PM] MadStacks: Okay so when should I be expecting payment?
    [03-May-14 5:06:04 PM] Akshay Dalal: You can start after you recieve payment. I have access to paypal account, but I can't pay witohut his consent. You will recieve the payment within few hours.
    [03-May-14 5:06:30 PM] MadStacks: Okay, after payment confirmation I will update you that I got it
    [03-May-14 5:06:34 PM] MadStacks: Thanks for your business
    [03-May-14 5:07:03 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Hey, my VPS provider is out of stock for US VPS,
    [03-May-14 5:07:14 PM] Akshay Dalal: Stock will be available by next weekend
    [03-May-14 5:07:28 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, you can use your VPS on both accounts
    [03-May-14 5:08:13 PM] MadStacks: Okay that is no issue :)
    [03-May-14 7:32:18 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [03-May-14 7:32:23 PM] Akshay Dalal: Payment Sent
    [03-May-14 7:33:46 PM] Akshay Dalal: You have recieved payment from ******
    [03-May-14 7:34:52 PM] Akshay Dalal: Contact me once you have confirmed it.
    [03-May-14 7:35:50 PM] Akshay Dalal: *********
    [04-May-14 2:17:45 AM] MadStacks: Hello, I will check the payment now
    [04-May-14 8:05:32 AM] Akshay Dalal: Ok.
    [04-May-14 8:05:46 AM] Akshay Dalal: Did you recieve it?
    [04-May-14 8:21:33 AM] Akshay Dalal: Please send the VPS and account login details to this mail - [email protected]
    [04-May-14 8:22:28 AM] Akshay Dalal: Or you can send it here on skype.
    [04-May-14 8:22:35 AM] Akshay Dalal: [Saturday, May 03, 2014 7:35 PM] Akshay Dalal: *********
    [04-May-14 8:22:47 AM] Akshay Dalal: Thanks for your service. :)
    [04-May-14 11:57:26 PM] Akshay Dalal: Can you please confirm payment, and send me the expected delivery date?
    [04-May-14 11:57:41 PM] MadStacks: Hello, payment has been confirms
    [04-May-14 11:57:43 PM] MadStacks: confirmed
    [04-May-14 11:57:50 PM] MadStacks: And we are working on your order now :)
    [04-May-14 11:57:56 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Thanks!
    [04-May-14 11:58:03 PM] Akshay Dalal: Please take care of conditions
    [04-May-14 11:58:09 PM] MadStacks: Your welcome
    [04-May-14 11:58:14 PM] Akshay Dalal: Else account are of no use
    [04-May-14 11:58:19 PM] Akshay Dalal: Thanx once again
    [04-May-14 11:58:30 PM] MadStacks: I understand and thank you too
    [04-May-14 11:58:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: (handshake)
    [04-May-14 11:58:55 PM] MadStacks: (handshake)
    [07-May-14 1:02:06 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [07-May-14 1:02:13 PM] Akshay Dalal: Are the accounts ready?
    [07-May-14 1:31:50 PM] Akshay Dalal: If you supply accounts by today, I have got an order for 10 more accounts of same type
    [07-May-14 1:32:04 PM] Akshay Dalal: I need all them by end of weekend
    [07-May-14 10:13:45 PM] Akshay Dalal: hey
    [07-May-14 10:13:52 PM] Akshay Dalal: You there?
    [07-May-14 10:13:58 PM] Akshay Dalal: :)
    [07-May-14 10:15:38 PM] MadStacks: Hello
    [07-May-14 10:15:43 PM] MadStacks: Yes I am here now
    [07-May-14 10:15:47 PM] MadStacks: How are you?
    [07-May-14 10:16:48 PM] Akshay Dalal: I am fine
    [07-May-14 10:16:52 PM] Akshay Dalal: How are you buddy?
    [07-May-14 10:16:59 PM] Akshay Dalal: Are the accounts ready?
    [07-May-14 10:22:00 PM] Akshay Dalal: (wasntme)
    [07-May-14 10:22:27 PM] MadStacks: I am doing great thanks I am sorry just multitasking so I am slow to respond
    [07-May-14 10:22:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: Multitasking?
    [07-May-14 10:22:43 PM] MadStacks: Accounts are almost complete just waiting on documentation
    [07-May-14 10:22:50 PM] MadStacks: Yeah it means doing more than one thing at a time
    [07-May-14 10:23:04 PM] MadStacks: And PayPal still needs to send Bank information
    [07-May-14 10:23:14 PM] MadStacks: However, they are about ready to go :)
    [07-May-14 10:23:44 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Good to know. So when do I expect them to be delivered?
    [07-May-14 10:24:06 PM] Akshay Dalal: I have more orders
    [07-May-14 10:24:35 PM] Akshay Dalal: Will you be able to successfully execute them at the least time possible?
    [07-May-14 10:24:45 PM] Akshay Dalal: I am looking for consistent seller
    [07-May-14 10:26:28 PM] Akshay Dalal: And you fit just right into it
    [07-May-14 10:26:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hope the account you supplt works for me
    [07-May-14 10:29:13 PM] MadStacks: Sure thing what I will do is keep a supply of accounts in stock just for you 
    so sometimes you can have instant delivery if you order often :)
    [07-May-14 10:29:20 PM] MadStacks: Would be happy to do that for you
    [07-May-14 10:29:44 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Awesome man! When do I get my first supply?
    [07-May-14 10:30:02 PM] Akshay Dalal: I need to have full stock of accounts
    [07-May-14 10:35:41 PM] MadStacks: Well, before or no later than Monday I will have both of your accounts ready for you to use and then by next Thursday I can have 10 of them in stock reserved for you
    [07-May-14 10:35:48 PM] MadStacks: So you do not have these delays and wait time
    [07-May-14 10:36:07 PM] MadStacks: That way when you decide to order a couple I can instantly deliver them :)
    [07-May-14 10:36:46 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. But Monday is too far
    [07-May-14 10:36:54 PM] Akshay Dalal: That's like 5 days from now
    [07-May-14 10:37:17 PM] Akshay Dalal: Already 3 days are gone.
    [07-May-14 10:38:31 PM] MadStacks: This depends on PayPal and the bank so I hope before like Saturday
    [07-May-14 10:38:37 PM] MadStacks: I will keep you updated
    [07-May-14 10:38:41 PM] MadStacks: Do you have my email?
    [07-May-14 10:38:57 PM] Akshay Dalal: *******
    [07-May-14 10:40:01 PM] MadStacks: Here is mine: [email protected]
    [07-May-14 10:40:11 PM] MadStacks: It lets me know you sent me a message on the go
    [07-May-14 10:40:19 PM] MadStacks: So if I am not in my office I still now
    [07-May-14 10:41:31 PM] MadStacks: know*
    [07-May-14 10:41:44 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Still man you promised delivery in 3 days, now it's 8 days
    [07-May-14 10:41:57 PM] Akshay Dalal: But I am positive I won't face this prob in future
    [07-May-14 10:42:33 PM] MadStacks: I know if you want I will provide one free account for the delivery issue and since your ordering larger amounts its no issue for me.
    [07-May-14 10:42:47 PM] MadStacks: Your free account will come on Thurday though
    [07-May-14 10:42:52 PM] MadStacks: Thursday
    [07-May-14 10:43:17 PM] Akshay Dalal: Does it satisfies all the condition I asked for?
    [07-May-14 10:43:50 PM] MadStacks: Yes, I did it exactly the way you wanted and made sure the cards were good for years to come
    [07-May-14 10:44:22 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, what is difference between free account and the account I paid for?
    [07-May-14 10:45:01 PM] MadStacks: Nothing, I just appreciate your business and I know the delivery time is to much for you right now so I am giving away one account in appreciation
    [07-May-14 10:45:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: Lol, you are generous. But why don't you give it as an paid account?
    [07-May-14 10:45:54 PM] Akshay Dalal: It will save you money.
    [07-May-14 10:46:37 PM] MadStacks: Because, when I tell someone they will get delivery in 3 days but it takes longer I make sure I make up for it
    [07-May-14 10:46:55 PM] MadStacks: You said your buying 10+ accounts and on the regular basis
    [07-May-14 10:47:05 PM] MadStacks: I have no issue in treating my customers fairly
    [07-May-14 10:47:34 PM] Akshay Dalal: It will be really good doing biz with you. Looking forward for a long partnership
    [07-May-14 10:47:38 PM] Akshay Dalal: Thanks
    [07-May-14 10:47:40 PM] Akshay Dalal: :)
    [07-May-14 10:47:50 PM] MadStacks: You're welcome and thank you as well
    [07-May-14 10:47:57 PM] Akshay Dalal: Please keep me updated on my email and skype.
    [07-May-14 10:48:12 PM] MadStacks: I sure will and if you need anything message me :)
    [07-May-14 10:48:15 PM] MadStacks: take care
    [07-May-14 10:48:29 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. You too! ;)
    [07-May-14 10:48:50 PM | Edited 10:49:06 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, i recieve my free account tomorrow?
    [07-May-14 10:49:43 PM] MadStacks: No, that account comes with the next batch of 10 accounts next week
    [07-May-14 10:50:11 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. By 10 accounts, I mean I will buy them in sets.
    [07-May-14 10:50:34 PM | Edited 10:50:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: But will depend on how early they get exhausted
    [07-May-14 10:50:38 PM] MadStacks: Thats fine you can buy 10 and I will give you a 11 including the free one
    [07-May-14 10:50:49 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Thanks!
    [07-May-14 10:51:01 PM] MadStacks: You're welcome :)
    [07-May-14 10:52:18 PM] Akshay Dalal: Why were you banned on BHW?
    *****Edited - Against forum rules to post why memeber was banned*****
    [07-May-14 10:59:24 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok. Thanks brother!
    [07-May-14 10:59:30 PM] MadStacks: your welcome mate
    [08-May-14 10:32:37 AM] Akshay Dalal: One of my paypal got limited
    [08-May-14 10:32:46 AM] Akshay Dalal: Can you get the limit removed?
    [08-May-14 10:33:15 AM] *** Akshay Dalal sent paypal.JPG paypal.JPG ***
    [08-May-14 11:19:44 AM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [08-May-14 3:53:52 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hey
    [08-May-14 3:53:58 PM] Akshay Dalal: You there?
    [08-May-14 8:20:14 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hey
    [08-May-14 8:20:29 PM] Akshay Dalal: I need the account limitation removed
    [08-May-14 8:20:37 PM] Akshay Dalal: It's real urgent
    [10-May-14 2:59:46 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, are the accounts ready?
    [10-May-14 8:04:07 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [10-May-14 8:04:20 PM] Akshay Dalal: You there?
    [10-May-14 8:06:23 PM] Akshay Dalal: ?
    [10-May-14 8:12:37 PM] Akshay Dalal: Any updates?
    [10-May-14 8:14:50 PM] Akshay Dalal: I have to answer few guys
    [10-May-14 8:15:08 PM] Akshay Dalal: So, if you can brief me on account status, that had be great
    [10-May-14 8:15:25 PM] Akshay Dalal: Doesnot look proffesional when you don't reply
    [10-May-14 8:15:40 PM] Akshay Dalal: :(
    [10-May-14 8:15:49 PM] MadStacks: Hello man
    [10-May-14 8:16:01 PM] MadStacks: Like I said Monday your accounts will be delivered
    [10-May-14 8:17:02 PM] Akshay Dalal: [Wednesday, May 07, 2014 10:38 PM] MadStacks: 
    <<< This depends on PayPal and the bank so I hope before like Saturday
    [10-May-14 8:17:33 PM] MadStacks: PayPal still has not sent me the verification codes and before that I told you most likely it would be monday
    [10-May-14 8:18:25 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok bro.
    [10-May-14 8:18:29 PM] Akshay Dalal: Take your time
    [10-May-14 8:18:38 PM] Akshay Dalal: But keep me updated
    [10-May-14 8:18:40 PM] Akshay Dalal: :)
    [12-May-14 12:52:48 PM] Akshay Dalal: Accounts ready?
    [12-May-14 9:41:11 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [12-May-14 9:57:00 PM] Akshay Dalal: I was hoping to get a response before you went offline/invisible
    [12-May-14 10:11:18 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hi
    [12-May-14 10:11:27 PM] Akshay Dalal: Are accounts ready?
    [12-May-14 10:11:33 PM] Akshay Dalal: It's been 8 days
    [12-May-14 10:14:16 PM] Akshay Dalal: Am I getting a response?
    [12-May-14 10:17:23 PM] Akshay Dalal: Please respond
    [12-May-14 10:17:32 PM] Akshay Dalal: It's getting real tensed here
    [12-May-14 10:17:51 PM] Akshay Dalal: As you have not delivered what I asked for
    [12-May-14 10:18:23 PM] Akshay Dalal: And I am gonna update about this in the Ebay skype group I am part of
    [12-May-14 10:18:47 PM] Akshay Dalal: You have good rep there, you don't wanna spoil it
    [12-May-14 10:21:47 PM] MadStacks: Mate, your accounts are ready I had a slight issue but can deliver them tonight
    [12-May-14 10:24:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: In how many hours from now?
    [12-May-14 10:24:48 PM] Akshay Dalal: I posted about it in gropu
    [12-May-14 10:25:00 PM] Akshay Dalal: And people are asking if i am right
    [12-May-14 10:25:08 PM] MadStacks: Mate, I am in America and just got in the office
    [12-May-14 10:25:20 PM] MadStacks: its still really early here
    [12-May-14 10:26:13 PM] Akshay Dalal: Ok.
    [12-May-14 10:26:21 PM] Akshay Dalal: I know it's 10 AM
    [12-May-14 10:26:33 PM] Akshay Dalal: I will wait till another 12 hours
    [12-May-14 10:26:51 PM] MadStacks: Thanks for your patience
    [12-May-14 10:27:26 PM] Akshay Dalal: :)
    [13-May-14 9:05:06 AM] MadStacks: Hey mate, I delivered your accounts about 45 minutes ago just to let you know :)
    [13-May-14 9:05:19 AM] MadStacks: And your free one I promised you will be ready Thursday
    [13-May-14 9:05:26 AM] MadStacks: Appreciate your business
    [13-May-14 11:14:30 AM] Akshay Dalal: Where did you send the details?
    [13-May-14 11:18:27 AM | Edited 11:18:33 AM] Akshay Dalal: I haven't recieved the details
    [13-May-14 11:18:46 AM] Akshay Dalal: Did you send them to paypal email address?
    [13-May-14 11:19:00 AM] Akshay Dalal: Please send details to - ********
    [13-May-14 1:00:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: Are you kidding me?
    [13-May-14 1:00:52 PM] Akshay Dalal: I haven't recieved my account info
    [13-May-14 1:00:56 PM] Akshay Dalal: Anywhere
    [13-May-14 1:01:16 PM] Akshay Dalal: Nor my paypal email, nor my personel email, nor on skype
    [13-May-14 4:48:20 PM] Akshay Dalal: You there buddy?
    [13-May-14 4:57:11 PM] Akshay Dalal: ?
    [13-May-14 4:57:14 PM] Akshay Dalal: No response?
    [13-May-14 4:57:31 PM] Akshay Dalal: Can you please tell me where you deolivered accounts?
    [13-May-14 4:57:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: Someone is enquiring about it
    [13-May-14 4:59:23 PM] MadStacks: Hello, I sent the accounts to your email
    [13-May-14 4:59:56 PM] MadStacks: Really I am pretty mad you telling everyone bad things about me when I delivered on Monday and giving you a free account Thursday
    [13-May-14 5:00:03 PM] MadStacks: I dont want to do business with you
    [13-May-14 5:00:07 PM] Akshay Dalal: I have checked my mail
    [13-May-14 5:00:12 PM] Akshay Dalal: My spam/inbox
    [13-May-14 5:00:29 PM] Akshay Dalal: I didn't see any mail
    [13-May-14 5:00:37 PM] Akshay Dalal: I am not writing anything bad
    [13-May-14 5:00:43 PM] Akshay Dalal: Just speaking truth
    [13-May-14 5:01:35 PM] MadStacks: I have been informed what you have been saying and said I was a scammer
    [13-May-14 5:01:48 PM] MadStacks: No thanks I dont do business with people like you
    [13-May-14 5:01:54 PM] MadStacks: I dont have to and I am not
    [13-May-14 5:02:04 PM] Akshay Dalal: Well, you can deliver my accounts
    [13-May-14 5:02:11 PM] Akshay Dalal: Send them to my mail
    [13-May-14 5:08:00 PM] Akshay Dalal: You know what? You are rounding things up, a legit service would simply ask my mail and send it again?
    [13-May-14 5:08:12 PM] Akshay Dalal: What does it take to send a mail again?
    [13-May-14 5:08:47 PM] MadStacks: Because you are lying man and I sent it to your email
    [13-May-14 5:08:55 PM] Akshay Dalal: Which mail?
    [13-May-14 5:09:02 PM] Akshay Dalal: Can you send a screenshot ?
    [13-May-14 5:09:10 PM] Akshay Dalal: Where you send me the mail?
    [13-May-14 5:09:33 PM] Akshay Dalal: I am apologizing for my behaviour
    [13-May-14 5:09:41 PM] Akshay Dalal: But I haven't recieved it
    [13-May-14 7:07:07 PM] MadStacks: Hello
    [13-May-14 7:07:16 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hey buddy
    [13-May-14 7:07:17 PM] MadStacks: whats going on did you sign into the accounts
    [13-May-14 7:07:55 PM] Akshay Dalal: Which accounts?
    [13-May-14 7:08:30 PM] MadStacks: the ones I mailed you
    [13-May-14 7:08:54 PM] Akshay Dalal: I din't recieve the mail buddy
    [13-May-14 7:09:06 PM] Akshay Dalal: How can I sign in
    [13-May-14 7:09:27 PM] Akshay Dalal: Can we come on group chat
    [13-May-14 7:09:35 PM] Akshay Dalal: And let me add those guys
    [13-May-14 7:09:44 PM] Akshay Dalal: Whom I gave bad reviews
    [13-May-14 7:09:54 PM] Akshay Dalal: And I am extremely sorry for it
    [4:19:06 PM] Akshay Dalal: Hey buddy
    [4:19:16 PM] Akshay Dalal: I got to know of the misunderstanding
    [4:19:34 PM] Akshay Dalal: You mistooks me as someone who was trying to steal accounts
    [4:19:39 PM] Akshay Dalal: No I am not
    [4:19:41 PM] Akshay Dalal: It's real me
    [4:20:04 PM] Akshay Dalal: If you want you can send me details here on skype
    [4:20:15 PM] Akshay Dalal: Why rely on third party service
    [4:20:17 PM] Akshay Dalal: ?
    [4:20:32 PM] Akshay Dalal: And I am extremely sorry for my behaviour
    He blocked me on skype in between the chats. Also, he told me he works with an reputable member, who is jr. executive(won't name him).
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  2. bartosimpsonio

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    You should post to the shit list.
  3. MasterMillionaire

    MasterMillionaire Junior Member

    Jun 23, 2013
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    i think he had multiple SL but cant find that thread. Seems like he have scammed multiple peeps
  4. IAmNotLegend

    IAmNotLegend Regular Member

    Mar 13, 2014
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    I already answered it -

  5. lietuvis002

    lietuvis002 BANNED BANNED

    Aug 3, 2012
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    I had a shitlist too, but I asked mods to take it down (then mods banned him), because I didn't want MadStacks lose his main business, but wait... I gave him MANY days - no refund, just empty promises. The sum he owes is a joke, but how would he risk his acc (he was a donor, then a junior vip)? So I am not going to mess up with him again.
    And after telling me to fuck myself (had a great time doing that lol just kidding)


    This is the part I LOVED! Great customer support. 10/10.

    But one part I loved the most - he asked me to tell one guy he paid me, so he can buy his PayPal account and from the money he recieves pay me. Of course I didn't want to get another guy scammed by him.
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  6. IAmNotLegend

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Buddy, you shouldn't have removed the shitlist, he got few more guys like myself.
  7. lietuvis002

    lietuvis002 BANNED BANNED

    Aug 3, 2012
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    Yes, a buddy of mine is scammed by him too. I asked a mod to get the ShitList back again, I am sure it could help others out, maybe some guys may think he has been banned not of scamming, but because of infractions? It can be easily done - retrieve the tread and lock it.

    And I asked the mods to delete the shitlist because of my kindness, but I was 100% wrong.

    P.S Can you send me a PM. I want to see what he replied after your question "Why were you banned on BHW?" ;)
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  8. Macthetrix

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    The Boss
    Silicon Valley
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  9. Asif WILSON Khan

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    Nov 10, 2012
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    Fun Lovin' Criminal
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    No.1 Rule of BHW: Don't work/do business with people AFTER they have been banned from a shitlist.
    It makes no sense at all.
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  10. BassTrackerBoats

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    Generic Human Being
    As Close to Heaven as One Can Get!
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    That is rather bothersome.
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  11. mickyfu

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    King Of Crypto C
    Solihull Young Offenders
    If I had to put money on whether Madstacks was the same person as Veyron, I would put a fair big bet on that he was, along with other accounts that still exist here. Not much you can say about them though, as you can't just accuse people, but all the signs are there when you look.
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  12. netmoney1

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Time to get W130SN on the case ;)
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  13. amdcpus

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    Nov 9, 2013
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    Yes I know another one like this also. rw
  14. Clifton Allen Says

    Clifton Allen Says Junior Member

    Apr 15, 2014
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    rw = rushing wind???? do you mean?
  15. t0mmy

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    Guys I hate to say it but.. I told you all so, I plus others said this shit from day one, they build up account -> add lots of posts quick -> add friends to your bhw profile to look legit = "reputable"

    NO it = scammer in the making and they are so easy to spot, I said it about him so did others, I've said it about countless others too some have met the same fate as MadStacks and others are still lingering for now.

    People need to open their eyes more and use some common sense.
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  16. Trepanated

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    I make you right there.

    I guarantee if someone started a thread saying 'I have a method of making money online with no computer and no internet access' they would still get PMs
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  17. amdcpus

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    Nov 9, 2013
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    Exactly. When Veyron got banned, t0mmy told me thought madstacks along with a few others were also scammers.
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  18. IAmNotLegend

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Already answered here -

  19. IAmNotLegend

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Except for the MODs no one can see if account is fake. And I don't understand, when their are no threads about him being a scammer, how one will use common sense?

    Well, I can't simply name a member, just because he has bought or is buying accounts from him. No way is that member linked to his scam.

    You will be more shocked that he said to me that Damien is his friend(I removed this part of conversation), and he will get him unbanned. So, now you might doubt even forum owner also.
  20. lucasbraydon

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    Nov 9, 2013
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    Here and there
    Look out for the ones with a colored border around their avatars lol

    Ps. Just noticed that you VIP guys got borders lol Maybe they copied it from you guys to appear more reputable :D
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