Does website traffic effect it SERP ranking?


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Apr 10, 2013
I was thinking about this for a while,
In every website I build in the past that I didn't bring to it any sort of traffic had never got any attention from G,
No matter it niche or how competitive it KW ..etc I notice G do care about website population,this not only from my experience but many work in this field told me so.

Now I'm doing different experience (you can call adlt sites experience),
I'm bringing low quality traffic (pop-ups) to two of my website with simple landing page (that have no internal links) just a video that auto-played.
That experience didn't went that well, time spent on the page shown to me too short (Less than 5 secs) according statcounter.
Next experience I may tray to make that page more interactive with users to get them to stay longer.
Traffic and visit duration which is called dwell time affects ranking a lot.
How Could I increase it, now I bring traffics using pop-up ads, and I put a short video in the landing page, but most users ignore it (close the page too fast)
Should I add more video (options) so they can chose what to to play? my current landing page are just (fake) live chat video,
Or should create interactive page to make them stay much longer.
Whats about visit duration is it important, or if the number of visits are (huge) it won't matter that much?
Depending on the niche visit duration doesn’t matter. A 10 second visit that fills the search intent can be perfect depending on what the searcher does next.

In these search terms you want them to google something else after visiting your site.

If the search terms was something like “what time does flight x from New York arrive in Washington” you want to answer this with a quick hit.

7.45 is the arrival time of flight x from Nee York to Washington.

To extend time on site you want to think about the sequential questions that would follow this search term and either include them on your page or build supporting pages.

You can use AI to get a list of sequential questions.
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