Does Anyone Come Across This?


Dec 29, 2018
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Hi BHW Family,

My name is Bimssey, I'm from Africa, and I'm a graphic designer, also Web developer.

2017 I started my dropship journey and I was winning and making about $500 as profit every week with Shopify, While I was really becoming an expert 2018, and then I woke up one morning and noticed Stripe sent me an email concerning my "Tax ID" which I don't based in the U.S.

I began to lose sales and I had to close down the store because I could not provide them the exact tax ID they're requesting for.

But I want to relaunch the Ecom Journey I left last year and get back on the game.

My Challenge is this: How do I get a Legal Tax ID. so I won't have or fall into the same challenge I had on my account.

Please If there's anyone who had already solved this and you don't base in the US or you are in the US, kindly share what you did and how you were able to do it, please...

Thank you.