Do my expert keyword research $10

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    My new potential client runs fishing charter tours locally. His main page has like 30 targeted keywords. Obviously he needs to have no more than 7 keywords per page.

    I want to pay someone $10 to do my expert keyword research. I could do this myself but I hate fish,fishing,discussing fishing,people who fish,people who discuss fishing and really people who east fish. I am looking to service this client without actually ever typing the word fish again after this post.

    must be a proven expert here on BHW who is a longtime member with good rep and lots of posts. If you are a Jr. VIP or a donor go ask your mom to put that on your fridge. You bought those accolades and they don't impress me nor should they impress anyone else.
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    I am interested in working with you on this project. I consider myself to have "expert" keyword research and search engine optimization strategies. I would love to discuss the in detail with you a bit further, you can add me to skype. I can do this fast, accurate, and am available right now.